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The Art of Texting While Walking

As recent studies have suggested, texting while walking ties up the brain’s relatively limited attention resources, making it an extremely difficult task to execute. In some ways, walking while texting is more demanding than driving while texting. You are sitting while you drive, while walking requires a multitude of actions and reactions. Researchers at the -->

New Restart Requirement Reduces Fatigue Among Truck Drivers

Rest breaks used to “restart” truck drivers’ duty cycles are more effective at reducing fatigue when they include two periods of nighttime sleep, according to a recent study. Federal hours-of-service rules require restart breaks to last 34 consecutive hours to ensure drivers are sufficiently rested before they being their next duty cycle. A new rule -->

10 Safety Tips for Driving on Snow and Ice

When there’s a snowstorm in the near future, it’s best to plan on staying indoors, but some of us indeed have to travel no matter what the road conditions. Here are 10 safety tips you need to know if you must driving in snowy or icing conditions: 1.Equip Your Car with Snow Tires: To have -->

New Drivers vs. Experienced Drivers – Who is Most at Risk?

An inexperienced driver who reaches for their cellphone increases their risk for getting into a crash by more than 700%, according to an article in the New York Times. A study used accelerometers, cameras , global positioning devices and other sense to determine the driving habits of 42 inexperienced, newly licensed drivers ages 16 and -->

The Most Dangerous Time to Drive

Driving can be an extremely dangerous in general. However, there are times when driving and being on the road can be more hazardous than others, according to the National Safety Commission. Check it out!: Saturdays According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Saturday is the most dangerous day of the week to be on -->

Help Us Stop Teen Texting & Driving

Earlier this year, we teamed up with CBS6 News in Albany to spread the word to high school students about the deadly consequences of distracted driving. Just last year, 7 Saratoga County teens were killed in crashes within a 30-mile radius. Andrew Finkelstein spoke to the students about the dangers of texting while driving and -->

24% of Drivers Surf the Web While Driving

A recent poll presented by USA Today shows that drivers are surfing the web while driving more than ever before. According to the poll, the number of people who have read an email on their phone while driving has increased by 3% since 2011 (21% – 24%) and 16% have responded to an e-mail on -->

Winter Driving Safety Tips

As winter approaches and the snow begins to fall, driving can be extremely dangerous depending on road conditions. Help keep our roads safe this winter and follow these driving safety tips for driving in snowy and icy conditions: If the roads conditions are bad, don’t drive at all if you don’t have to! Don’t drive -->

Autumn is the Deadliest Time of Year for Deer and a Danger to Motorists

Approximately half of motor vehicle accidents involving white-tail deer occur from October to December, according to a recent New York Times article. The combination of mating season and hunting season make November the month with the most motor vehicle accidents involving deer. From 2001-2011, motor vehicle collisions involving animals resulted in 2,083 fatalities, according to -->

Tracking Device Helps to Improve Teen Driving

DriveCam is a device that monitors the driving habits of the person operating the vehicle, according to a recent article from Knox News. The device records video whenever the driver makes a mistake. According to a Wisconsin teen, the device made her into the better more cautious driving she is today. She said it was -->