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Finding out that you have a serious health problem, including both serious injuries and severe illnesses, can feel traumatic enough on its own. You may rely on the care of your doctors to ensure that you have the best possible odds of making a full recovery. When a doctor fails to act in your best interests, however, you may suffer much more severe injuries and limitations.

Did you suffer medical malpractice at Garnet Health Medical Center or Middletown Medical? Did a care provider commit negligent errors in your care? You may deserve compensation for any injuries you sustained due to a care provider’s negligent actions. Contact a Middletown medical malpractice lawyer at Finkelstein & Partners today at (845) 344-4855 to learn more about your right to compensation.

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Finkelstein & Partners: Help for Middletown Medical Malpractice Victims

After suffering from medical malpractice in Middletown, you may have many questions about your rights and next steps. Finkelstein & Partners aims to make the road to compensation as easy as possible for our clients. We have extensive experience dealing with a wide range of claims, including medical malpractice claims. In one recent result, we helped our client recover $3.25 million in compensation when a patient died due to a failure to treat acute asthma promptly.

We Focus on Your Needs

The insurance companies and doctors involved in a medical malpractice claim often try to keep the focus on their losses and their needs. They may aim to decrease the compensation they have to pay, protect the doctor’s reputation, and decrease many of the impacts of the medical malpractice event on the doctor.

At Finkelstein & Partners, on the other hand, we keep the focus on our clients and their specific needs. We understand the difficulties that can follow major medical malpractice events. We aim to help our clients navigate those claims and receive the support they need for their specific challenges.

We Make Access Easy

Our Middletown office, located just off Route 211 near Middletown High School, makes access to our attorneys easy and convenient when you need it. Our attorneys offer quick response times and comprehensive support to our clients that they can get to when needed. If you have questions about your claim or its progress, we aim to help you get the necessary answers.

Make Your Legal Costs More Affordable

Dealing with a serious injury can prove incredibly expensive. Many of our clients struggle with increased medical bills and various financial challenges related to medical malpractice. We aim to make legal assistance affordable.

Instead of charging up front, we start with a free consultation that allows our clients a deeper overall understanding of their rights and the steps they may need to take to protect them. Then, we take many of our cases on a contingent fee basis, which means you will not have to worry about paying for legal services until you have won your claim.

Compensation for Medical Malpractice Claims in Middletown: What to Expect

Dealing with a medical malpractice claim can prove incredibly complicated. New York remains one of the few states that does not cap the damages you can recover for medical malpractice. Still, you may still find yourself fighting with your care provider’s medical malpractice insurance company to get the full compensation you deserve for your injuries.

How much compensation should you realistically expect for medical malpractice? It may depend on the extent of your injuries and how they occurred. At Finkelstein & Partners, we will help you look at the basic elements of compensation you may deserve, calculate the losses you sustained in those areas, and provide a look at how much compensation you may want to ask for as part of your claim.

Increased Medical Costs

Frequently, a serious act of medical malpractice will lead to substantially increased medical costs. Suppose, for example, that you went into Middletown Medical for surgery. During the surgery, the surgeon left something behind in your body. These never events can substantially increase patient medical costs. You will often have immediate medical needs related to the malpractice. In other cases, you may have a longer hospital stay, larger complications, and greater ongoing care needs because of your injuries.

In cases of missed diagnosis, your current condition might deteriorate, your symptoms worsening over time. As a result, you may have substantially higher medical costs once you finally receive treatment since you may need more care than you would have if you had received treatment promptly.

At Finkelstein & Partners, we can help you review your medical bills and estimate additional medical costs you may have faced because of your care provider’s negligence.

Lost Income/Earning Potential

A serious act of medical malpractice can have a heavy impact on your ability to work. In many cases, you may have difficulty determining just how much medical malpractice has impacted your income. For example, suppose that your doctor missed diagnosing your condition, so you had less energy and missed more time at work.

You may have difficulty establishing how much of that time at work you missed because of the condition and how much you missed because your care provider failed to properly diagnose your injury.

In other cases, however, your lost income may prove much more evident. Malpractice could create serious medical conditions and challenges that make it difficult for you to return to work. You will likely deserve compensation for any income losses related to the medical malpractice event.

Furthermore, make sure you talk to your lawyer if medical malpractice has permanently impacted your ability to return to work. Some conditions or medical circumstances may permanently change your ability to complete your job tasks and responsibilities.

At Finkelstein & Partners, we aim to help our clients recover reasonable compensation for their lost earnings potential. That compensation can make it possible for you to return to school for a new certification or provide support while deciding how to manage your future.

Your Suffering

In many cases, medical malpractice causes immense, ongoing suffering. Many victims of medical malpractice face substantial pain due to untreated conditions or medical errors. Furthermore, they may find themselves struggling to deal with the full implications of their other losses: for example, the inability to work or the loss of independence.

Many victims of medical malpractice also struggle heavily with losing faith in their medical care providers. Most people expect that when they put their care in the hands of a medical expert, that expert will ensure they get the care they need. Unfortunately, medical malpractice results from care provider negligence and may leave patients less confident about their future medical care.

Middletown Medical Malpractice Information: What You Need to Know

Middletown Medical Malpractice LawyerMiddletown, New York has a median age of around 33.7 percent. That population may see fewer overall health challenges than seniors; however, that population starts to suffer fractures, tears, and chronic pain. Misdiagnosis can leave many patients suffering from serious complications long after the initial injury.

Middletown does not have a children’s hospital in the area. While it has many pediatricians to choose from, children may not always receive the standard of care they need in an adult emergency room.

Types of Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice in Middletown may take several common forms.

  • Failure to diagnose: A physician or care provider fails to accurately diagnose a patient’s injuries or illness despite clear evidence and symptoms that should indicate a specific type of diagnosis
  • Misdiagnosis: A physician or care provider diagnoses the wrong condition or injury despite clear evidence that should indicate another diagnosis
  • Failure to treat: Despite clearly diagnosing the patient’s condition, the care provider does not provide the treatment needed or recommended for that treatment
  • Birth injuries: Injuries that occur to mother or child during the birthing process
  • Medication errors: Errors made in prescribing or administering medication, including administering the wrong medication or dosage
  • Never events: Dangerous errors, including surgical errors, that cause serious injury to the patient and should never occur under reasonable circumstances

Any time you suffer injury due to your care provider’s negligence, you may have grounds for a medical malpractice claim.

Fighting for Compensation After Medical Malpractice in Middletown

Seeking compensation after medical malpractice can prove complicated. Sometimes, you may find yourself fighting hard to establish the full compensation you deserve for injuries sustained due to your care provider’s negligence.

The medical malpractice insurance company often tries to deny coverage for your injuries. At Finkelstein & Partners, we have extensive experience helping our clients manage medical malpractice claims. We aim to help guide each client through the process so that they can recover reasonable compensation for damages caused by the care provider’s error.

What to Do After Medical Malpractice in Middletown

Did you suffer medical malpractice in Middletown? Start by contacting Finkelstein & Partners as soon as possible to discuss your next steps. Medical malpractice claims can prove incredibly complex, and you may need a lawyer to help guide you effectively through the claim.

You may need to:

  • Find a medical expert to testify about your case. At Finkelstein & Partners, we can streamline that process.
  • Display your losses because of your injuries, including any increased medical bills.
  • Track your recovery. You may want to keep a journal related to your symptoms.
  • Follow any instructions issued by a medical care provider to help your recovery.

At Finkelstein & Partners, we can help guide you through your Middletown medical malpractice claim.

Middletown Medical Malpractice FAQ

Does the care provider that caused my injuries have to pay for my medical care?

The care provider that caused your injuries typically will not pay for your medical care directly, nor will the hospital where medical malpractice occurred typically remove all future medical expenses. Instead, you will receive compensation through a medical malpractice claim, usually paid by the hospital’s medical malpractice insurance. Then, you can use those funds to pay your medical bills.

What do I have to establish to file a medical malpractice claim in Middletown?

To file a medical malpractice claim, you must establish several things.

  • You had a doctor/patient relationship with the care provider in question.
  • The doctor failed to provide the standard of care expected for patients in your condition or committed an act of negligence that caused you to suffer injuries.
  • You suffered injuries because of the care provider’s negligence.

If you suffered negligence at the hands of a medical professional, you might have the right to compensation. Contact Finkelstein & Partners to discuss what compensation you might deserve and what you may need to do next.

Who do I need to sue for medical malpractice in Middletown: The doctor or the hospital?

andrew finkelstein
Middletown Medical Malpractice Attorney, Andrew Finkelstein

Whether you sue the doctor or the hospital for medical malpractice in Middletown may depend on how the medical malpractice occurred. In cases where a nurse committed an act of malpractice that led to injuries, like a medication dosage error, the hospital’s medical malpractice insurance will typically pay for your claim.

On the other hand, if the doctor’s negligence directly caused your injuries, you may need to file a claim through the doctor’s medical malpractice insurance. If the doctor works directly for the hospital, you may file a claim through the hospital.

At Finkelstein & Partners, we can help you determine who bears liability for the malpractice you suffered and the injuries you had to deal with as a result.

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