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Boston’s rich pedestrian infrastructure makes it very appealing to walk through the area. Due to heavy traffic congestion, many people may actually prefer walking to help them get through the Boston area more quickly.

Unfortunately, the tight traffic can also lead to increased overall frustration for many drivers, which may decrease their focus on the road and increase the risk that they will cause an accident with a pedestrian. If you suffered injuries in a Boston pedestrian accident, you may deserve compensation for your injuries. Our team of experienced personal injury attorneys is here to help you in your time of need.

Contact Finkelstein & Partners for a free consultation and learn more about your next steps.

Finkelstein & Partners: Help for Boston Pedestrian Accident Victims

At Finkelstein & Partners, we have extensive experience helping the victims of serious injuries learn more about their right to compensation and fight for the compensation they deserve for those injuries. Our notable pedestrian accident claim results include an $8.3 million claim after a child got hit and dragged by a vehicle after buying ice cream.

Past claim results cannot guarantee the results of future claims. However, by working with Finkelstein & Partners, you can feel confident that you have a legal representative dedicated to helping you recover the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

Full Transparency Into Your Claim

At Finkelstein & Partners, we believe in offering our clients full transparency into the claim process and all the information they need to understand the progression of their claims. Our unique online system allows you to access all the information you might need about your claim at any time. With that information at your fingertips, you can make the best decisions for your needs as you navigate your claim.

Affordable Legal Services

Legal services can feel incredibly expensive, especially when you may already find yourself dealing with extensive medical bills or struggling with the inability to work after your accident.

At Finkelstein & Partners, we aim to make those legal services affordable. We start with a free consultation at no obligation to you, which can help provide you with essential insights into the claim process and whether you may deserve compensation for your Boston pedestrian accident. If we take your claim, you will not have to pay until we win damages for your losses.

Compassionate Legal Support

When you have severe injuries from a pedestrian accident, you may feel alone and frustrated as you try to navigate an increasingly complex legal claim. At Finkelstein & Partners, we aim to provide you with compassionate legal support. Our team of attorneys wants you to feel confident and supported as you decide on your next steps and pursue compensation for your pedestrian accident injuries.

Do not try to handle your pedestrian accident claim on your own. Doing so could result in you missing out on the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Instead, contact Finkelstein & Partners today to learn more about your rights and get started on the claim process.

Compensation After a Boston Pedestrian Accident: Evaluating Your Damages

After a pedestrian accident in Boston, you may find yourself dealing with extensive injuries. Pedestrians have no protection when involved in a serious accident and may, as a result, suffer severe injuries and ongoing complications. As a result, you may have extremely high medical bills. Your injuries may prevent you from returning to work, further complicating your financial situation during the recovery process.

At Finkelstein & Partners, we aim to help our clients maximize the compensation they can recover for their injuries.

We understand the financial burden that can accompany severe injuries, so we look at all the details of your claim to help you increase the odds that you will recover the full compensation you need and deserve.

  • Who caused your pedestrian accident? Some drivers may naturally have higher-value insurance policies than others. Furthermore, some corporate entities may have policies that can offer additional compensation.
  • What injuries did you sustain in the accident? What damages did you have to deal with as a result of those injuries?
  • Did more than one party contribute to your accident? For example, if a driver on the clock for his employer caused your accident, the employer may share liability.

Take a look at the damages commonly included in Boston pedestrian accident claims to get a better idea of what you might include as part of your claim.

Medical Expenses

Whether you sought treatment at Boston Medical Center or Brigham Hospital after your pedestrian accident, you likely have high medical bills to go along with that treatment.

At Finkelstein & Partners, we encourage our clients to keep track of all medical bills, including payments they may already have made on those bills, so that they can include them as part of a comprehensive pedestrian accident claim. Your medical expenses can serve as evidence of the extent of your injuries and, as a result, the compensation you may deserve for those injuries.

Income Losses

A severe pedestrian accident can keep you out of work for months or, in a worst-case scenario, prevent you from going back to work at all. Talk to your attorney about how much time you have missed at work because of your pedestrian accident and the associated injuries.

Did you:

  • Miss work right after the accident?
  • Have to reduce the hours spent at work when you did return to work after the accident?
  • Need to miss time at work due to follow-up appointments, therapy, or continuing procedures?

All those hours missed at work may lead to substantial income losses. We help our clients calculate the value of that lost income to include as part of an injury claim.

Pain and Suffering

Comprehensive pedestrian accident claims do not just include compensation for the immediate financial damages associated with the accident. You may have to deal with immense suffering that has nothing to do with your finances: lost independence, physical pain from the accident, or the struggle to deal with your new limitations, for example. At Finkelstein & Partners, we look over all the details of our clients’ suffering to put together an injury claim that fairly reflects all their losses.

Boston Pedestrian Accident Claims: What You Need to Know

The greater Boston area contains a number of potentially dangerous intersections, especially in downtown Boston. The Boylston Street area, Route 93, and the Massachusetts Turnpike all pose immense opportunities for pedestrian accidents.

In Boston, you will need to file a pedestrian accident claim before the statute of limitations runs out. Massachusetts has a statute of limitations that allows injury victims three years after an accident to file an injury claim.

Common Causes of Boston Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents can occur as the result of negligence on the part of either the driver or the pedestrian involved in an accident.

Common pedestrian accident causes may include:

  • Poor weather conditions. Boston sees an estimated 130 days of precipitation each year, including up to 48 inches of snow, on average. That dangerous weather can substantially increase the risk to pedestrians.
  • Tourist traffic. Both pedestrians and drivers who do not know the local area may have a harder time navigating it safely and may experience a greater overall risk of a severe accident.
  • Tight streets with poor visibility. Boston has a number of tight streets that can prove very difficult to navigate, especially for drivers who do not know the area.
  • Distracted driving. As in many other areas, Boston drivers may struggle with a high degree of distraction on the road, despite laws that prohibit texting and driving.

Common Pedestrian Accident Injuries in Boston

Pedestrian accidents can cause severe injuries, including injuries that may lead to immense, ongoing suffering.

Injuries may include:

  • Back and neck injuries, including spinal cord injuries
  • Head injuries, including brain injuries
  • Amputations
  • Broken bones
  • Road rash

You may have the right to file a claim any time you suffer injuries in a Boston pedestrian accident, regardless of what injuries you sustained.

Fighting the Insurance Company After a Pedestrian Accident

A pedestrian accident may lead to devastating injuries, for which you may deserve substantial compensation. Unfortunately, you may have to struggle harder than anticipated to recover that vital compensation. The insurance company makes the process very difficult, from issuing a very low settlement offer and pressuring you to accept it to refusing to accept liability for the accident.

At Finkelstein & Partners, we have extensive experience fighting even the big names in car insurance, and we aim to help our clients recover maximum compensation for the injuries they sustained.

What to Do After Your Boston Pedestrian Accident

It can take time before you can start to manage your legal claim after a Boston pedestrian accident, especially if you sustained severe injuries.

However, follow these steps to maximize your compensation.

  • Contact Finkelstein & Partners as soon as possible.
  • Review the accident report for accuracy. Make sure it contains all the key details about the accident.
  • Keep up with your medical needs. Follow the instructions issued by your medical provider carefully so you do not worsen your injuries.
  • Document your medical bills and your recovery, including any complications you may face along the way.

By acting carefully after your pedestrian accident, you can maximize the odds that you will recover the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

FAQs About Boston Pedestrian Accidents

I crossed the road outside a crosswalk and ended up suffering injuries when a car hit me. Can I claim compensation?

Whether you can claim compensation after crossing outside a crosswalk may depend on several factors. While pedestrians do have right of way in Boston when they have already entered a crosswalk or entered the road, you cannot simply cross at any time, when you want to.

If you tried to cross directly in front of a vehicle, leaving the driver with inadequate time to stop, you may not have the right to recover compensation for your pedestrian accident injuries. On the other hand, if you attempted to cross safely and a driver failed to come to a stop in a reasonable time period, you may have the right to recover compensation for damages caused by that driver’s negligent actions.

Does the driver involved in a pedestrian accident always bear liability for the accident?

The driver involved in a pedestrian accident often bears liability for the accident, because drivers must pay careful attention to everything that happens around them and may need to exercise special care around pedestrians. However, pedestrians in Boston must also follow the rules of the road to ensure that they have a safe experience as they travel through the streets. In cases where the pedestrian fails to follow those rules, including crossing against a light or heading out while inebriated, the pedestrian may bear liability for the accident.

Do I really need a lawyer to handle a pedestrian accident claim in Boston?

If you have had to deal with a car accident claim in the past, you may assume that handling a pedestrian accident claim now will prove equally easy to manage. However, you should expect a considerably more difficult process when dealing with a pedestrian accident claim that involves injuries.

Working with a lawyer can help you more clearly establish the compensation you really deserve for those injuries, collect more evidence about the accident and who caused it, and offer you the comprehensive legal support that may help increase the compensation you can recover. If you have questions about what else a lawyer can offer your pedestrian accident claim, contact Finkelstein & Partners to discuss the benefits of working with an attorney.

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