At least 9 million people in the U.S. suffer from a foodborne illness every year. There tends to be a spike in illnesses during the warmer seasons, which is likely due to the fact that people are cooking outside more and are leaving food out for unhealthy periods of time. There are many ways to prevent foodborne illnesses. Cooking and cleaning the foods properly can help to reduce your risk of contamination.

The Food and Drug Administration has proposed a new rule that would require food importers such as Walmart and Cargill to ensure that their foreign manufacturers follow American food safety standards in an effort to prevent contamination and illness. Shockingly, about 15% of the food that we as Americans consume comes from overseas, including over 60% of our fruits and vegetables. Currently the F.D.A inspects less than 2% of all imported foods.

According to the FDA on June 3, Finger Lakes Farmstead Cheese Company LLC of Trumansburg, NY is recalling 12 wheels of GOUDA cheese manufactured on December 20, 2012. he results of U.S. Food and Drug Administration product sampling revealed the presence of GOUDA Cheese contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes Type 1.

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While the American food supply is among the safest in the world, the Federal government estimates that there are about 48 million cases of foodborne illness annually – that’s 1 in 6 Americans each year. Each year these illnesses result in 128,000 hospitalizations and 3,000 deaths, according to the FDA. Follow these tips on how to protect yourself from foodborne illnesses and contaminants:

Cantaloupes contaminated with salmonella and Listeria have been reported over the past few months and years. Cantaloupes seem more likely than any other fruits and vegetables to carry pathogens. If you believe that you or a member of your family have been sickened due to contaminated produce, please contact us immediately.

According to a press release issued on October 3, Krasnyi Oktyabr located at 60 20th Street, Brooklyn NY 11232 is recalling their Beer Set Dried Rudd product. The New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets Food Inspectors discovered the food safety issue during a routine inspection, and subsequent analysis of the product by Food Laboratory personnel confirmed the fish had not been properly eviscerated prior to processing.

On July 27, New York State Agriculture Commissioner Darrel J. Aubertine warned consumers in the Metropolitan New York area not to consume “Quesito Colombiano, Colombian style Cheese” made by Productos Tita Corp (70-06 88th Street, Glendale, New York 11385) due to possible Staphylococcus aureus contamination. The recalled Colombian style cheese under the brand name “Tita” is contained in 8oz.

Food Poisoning Statistics In 2011, the FDA inspected only about 1,000 of more than 250,000 foreign, non-meat food producers. Between 2005 and 1010, 39 food poisoning outbreaks occurred, compared to 19 outbreaks between 1998 and 2004. In short, the FDA is underfunded, it doesn’t inspect enough, and the problem is getting worse, not better. Food Poisoning from Imported Foods

Listeria Contamination Suspected We’ve written quite a bit about Listeria outbreaks lately, and we’re sorry to report yet another round of food recalls. This time, it’s Mexican queso products coming from El Ranchero Del Sur, LLC. from South River, New Jersey. The recalled cheeses are El Ranchero Queso Fresco 14 oz. (Fresh Cheese); Los Corrales Queso Fresco en Hoja De Platano 14 oz. (Fresh Cheese In Banana Leaf); and El Ranchero Queso Oaxaca 14 oz. and 10 lb.