The Cause of E. Coli Outbreaks at Chipotle Still a Mystery

The Center for Disease Control released a statement summarizing their investigation into the cause of the Chipotle Outbreak that sickened 60 people in 14 states was inconclusive. There were no deaths associated with the outbreak but 22 of the victims were hospitalized.

Chipotle responded to the disastrous situation by implementing new safety protocols to reduce the chances of a similar occurrences in the future.

The CDC released a statement regarding its findings, or lack there of:

“Most ill people in these outbreaks ate many of the same food items at a Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurant,” the statement said. “When a restaurant serves foods with several ingredients that are mixed or cooked together and then used in multiple menu items, it can be more difficult for epidemiologic studies to identity the specific ingredient that is contaminated.”

If you or a loved one became ill due to poor quality or unsafe foods consumed at a restaurant contact an attorney today. You may be entitled to compensation.