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Construction sites across Wappingers Falls can pose a substantial danger to both workers on that site and visitors to that site. Construction sites often involve severe hazards: dangerous heights, heavy equipment, and potential falling objects. Worse, many construction companies fail to take adequate safety precautions to help protect their workers and others who may need to move around the construction site, leading to a serious risk of injury.

If you suffered severe injuries on a Wappingers Falls construction site due to the negligence of another party, you might deserve compensation for your injuries. However, trying to handle a construction accident claim on your own can lead to immense frustration and a long wait for the compensation you deserve. Contact the Wappingers Falls construction accident lawyers at Finkelstein & Partners today to discuss your right to compensation.

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When you visit a construction site, you may expect that the construction company will take basic steps to help protect you from serious injury. Unfortunately, all too often, the construction company may fall short. Construction companies may ignore basic safety precautions or fail to provide essential safety equipment, increasing the odds of a devastating accident.

At Finkelstein & Partners, we have more than 60 years of experience dealing with various injury claims, including construction accident claims. Our team of experienced personal injury attorneys can help you recover the compensation you may deserve for your injuries.

Take a look at some of our recent results:

  • $28.3 million after a devastating fall on a construction site
  • $7.5 million after injuries due to the construction company failing to provide a spotter when moving heavy equipment
  • $3.77 million for a construction worker injured in a fall

We aim to help our clients maximize the compensation they can recover for construction site injuries. While no result can be guaranteed, contact us today to see what we can do for you and your case.

We Keep the Focus on Our Clients

In the aftermath of a construction accident, it may feel as though the focus shifts to anything but you. You may have a hard time getting the insurance company to pay attention to your needs, or you may feel as though no one recognizes the losses you have faced.

At Finkelstein & Partners, we understand the losses a construction accident can cause and aim to provide our clients with the support they need as they move forward with their claims.

We Offer Dedicated, Determined Support

When you try to handle a construction accident claim alone, you may struggle to get the compensation you deserve. You may fight with the insurance company to get reasonable compensation for your injuries. The insurance company may not even acknowledge the full damages you suffered.

At Finkelstein & Partners, we aim to provide the full support our clients need and deserve as they manage the often difficult aftermath of a serious construction accident in Wappingers Falls.

We Make Access to Us as Easy as Possible

You have enough to worry about in the aftermath of a construction accident. Struggling to get access to your attorney should not make the list. Finkelstein & Partners has an office conveniently located just off Route 9, making it easy to get to. Furthermore, we provide virtual consultations when needed to help our clients get the support they need.

Do you have questions about your rights after a construction accident in Wappingers Falls? Do you need support as you move forward with your claim? Contact Finkelstein & Partners today.

Compensation for Wappingers Falls Construction Accident Injuries

When you have severe injuries from a Wappingers Falls construction accident, you may need to recover as much compensation as possible. Construction accident injuries can significantly impact your finances, not just in terms of your medical costs but in terms of lost wages due to your employment challenges during your recovery.

How much compensation can you recover for a Wappingers Falls construction accident injury?

It may depend on:

  • Who caused your accident
  • What injuries you sustain, and how much they affect you
  • Whether you have an attorney on your side who can help fight for the compensation you deserve

At Finkelstein & Partners, we take a comprehensive look at all the losses, including both financial and non-financial losses, you may have sustained so that you can include them as part of your claim. While we cannot guarantee the compensation you will recover for your injuries, we can help you look at your actual losses in these key categories.

Medical Costs

From chemical burns to amputations, heavy crushing damage to fall injuries, Wappingers Falls construction accidents can lead to severe injuries that require substantial medical treatment. While that quality medical care can make a huge difference in your eventual recovery from your injuries, it can also lead to immense medical expenses.

At Finkelstein & Partners, we help our clients look closely at the short-term or emergency medical care expenses they may have already faced and the long-term medical expenses that often result from construction site injuries.

Income Losses

After a  construction accident in Wappingers Falls, you may lose the ability to return to work for some time. In some cases, that income loss may become permanent.

Talk to a lawyer at Finkelstein & Partners about how much income you have lost as a direct result of your injuries. Did you have to stay out of work for weeks or months following your construction accident? Did you end up permanently disabled and unable to return to work because of your injuries?

Many construction workers find that devastating permanent disabilities can prevent them from returning to work on a construction site. As part of your injury claim, you have the right to claim compensation for your lost wages or lost earning potential.

Pain and Suffering

Construction site injuries can cause immense pain. Not only that, many victims face substantial suffering because of their losses. Talk to your lawyer about the suffering caused by your construction accident injuries.

Have you struggled heavily with the loss of independence caused by your construction accident? Are you dealing with immense physical pain because of your injuries?

Your construction accident claim should include compensation for those losses and the tangible financial ones associated with your accident.

Wappingers Falls Construction Accidents: What You Need to Know

Across New York, construction accidents have some of the highest fatality rates for all workers, partly because construction workers have very dangerous jobs.

Factors That May Cause Construction Accidents

Construction accidents in Wappingers Falls may occur for a variety of reasons.

  • Dangerous chemicals on the construction site
  • Workers who need to work at potentially dangerous heights
  • Hazardous equipment
  • Poor safety precautions

New York OSHA requirements make it clear that construction workers must comply with safety protocols. Construction companies, however, may fail to provide adequate safety equipment for their workers, which can increase the odds of a severe accident.

Common Construction Accident Injuries

Wappingers Falls construction accident injuries may include:

  • Burns, including chemical burns
  • Amputations
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Brain injuries
  • Back and neck injuries
  • Broken bones

No matter the injury you suffered on your construction site, you may have the right to compensation for your injuries. Talk to the attorneys at Finkelstein & Partners to discuss those rights and your next steps following a construction accident.

Fighting the Insurance Company After a Wappingers Falls Construction Accident

After a serious construction site accident, you may find yourself dealing with the insurance company that covers the Wappingers Falls construction company that caused your accident. Unfortunately, that insurance company may not make it easy for you to get the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

The insurance company may:

  • Deny liability for the accident
  • Insist that you suffered less severe injuries than you claim as part of your construction accident
  • Pressure you to accept a low settlement offer

Even if you need to pursue a workers’ comp claim for your injuries, you may have difficulty getting the insurance company to offer you the compensation you deserve. At Finkelstein & Partners, we have experience dealing with construction accident injuries and insurance companies. We can help you fight with the insurance company as you pursue the compensation you deserve.

After a Construction Accident in Wappingers Falls: What to Do Next

After a construction accident, you hopefully immediately reported your injuries and sought the medical attention you needed to maximize your odds of making a full recovery.

What now? How can you get compensation for those injuries?

  • Start tracking your medical costs, especially any costs not covered by workers’ comp.
  • Follow your care provider’s instructions and recommendations so that you can increase your odds of making a full recovery.
  • Contact Finkelstein & Partners to discuss your rights and any steps you may need to help protect yourself.
  • Keep a journal that details the progression of your recovery and any losses you may have faced.

At Finkelstein & Partners, we can help you learn more about the steps you need to take next and how to best protect your right to recovery as you move forward with a Wappingers Falls construction accident claim.

Wappingers Falls Construction Accident FAQ

I suffered injuries as a construction worker in Wappingers Falls. Can I pursue compensation for my injuries from my employer?

Most of the time, when you suffer injuries on a job site, you will pursue compensation through workers’ comp. Workers’ comp claims work a little differently than injury claims: it does not matter who caused the accident when you file for workers’ comp. Workers’ comp will pay all your medical expenses associated with the accident and will offer a percentage of your income, usually around 2/3, while you recover from your injuries.

However, in some cases, you may file an injury claim following a workplace injury on a construction site. Generally, if a third-party construction company failed to take proper safety precautions, including adhering to basic safety regulations and ensuring a safe work site for everyone who visits or works on it, you may file a claim against them.

Finkelstein & Partners can determine whether you may have the right to file an injury claim following a Wappingers Falls construction site accident.

Who has to pay for my medical care after a Wappingers Falls construction accident?

If you suffered construction site injuries due to the negligence of another party and will seek compensation through a construction accident claim, you may need to make arrangements to pay your medical bills. You can, however, use the funds from an injury claim to cover the cost of your medical bills once you have recovered that much-needed compensation.

On the other hand, if you file a workers’ comp claim because you suffered injuries as a worker on a construction site, workers’ comp will generally pay your medical bills directly.

Can I file a workers’ comp claim and a personal injury claim after a Wappingers Falls construction accident?

andrew finkelstein
Wappingers Falls Construction Accident Attorney, Andrew Finkelstein

In some cases, yes, you may have the right to file both a workers’ comp claim and a personal injury claim after a construction accident. However, you may need to carefully consider how filing two types of claims will ultimately impact the compensation you can recover. Talk to an attorney to learn more about your rights.

Contact a Wappingers Falls Construction Accident Lawyer Today

Did you suffer a brain injury, crushing injury, or amputation on a Wappingers Falls construction site? Do you have questions about the compensation you deserve or need help fighting the insurance company for the total compensation you should realistically expect for your injuries? Finkelstein & Partners can help. Contact us today at (845) 298-2870 for your free consultation.

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