Wappingers Falls Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

As a pedestrian, you might have little to no protection against a dangerous accident with a vehicle. Unfortunately, when a driver fails to take adequate precautions behind the wheel, you may have severe injuries and several questions about your next steps and your right to compensation.

Did you suffer injuries in a pedestrian accident around Shamrock Hills Drive or Old Hopewell Road? Did you have a dangerous pedestrian accident along Route 9? Finkelstein & Partners, we have over 60 years of experience helping pedestrian accident victims pursue the compensation they may deserve for severe injuries sustained due to another party’s negligence.

Contact a Wappingers Falls pedestrian accident lawyer today to learn more about your right to compensation.

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How Finkelstein & Partners Can Help You After a Wappingers Falls Pedestrian Accident

A pedestrian accident may cause devastating injuries and ongoing struggles. You may find yourself with many financial losses in addition to the serious medical challenges you may face as you recover from your injuries.

At Finkelstein & Partners, we have more than 60 years of experience helping our clients recover the compensation they deserve for substantial injuries sustained due to the negligence of another party.

For example, in one notable case, we helped our clients recover $8.3 million in compensation after a child suffered a pedestrian accident after buying ice cream. While our results don’t guarantee what we can obtain in future claims, contact us today to see what we can do for you.

Keep the Focus on Your Rights

Following a Wappingers Falls pedestrian accident, you need the focus to remain on your rights and your losses. In many cases, pedestrian accident victims have substantial challenges related to their injuries. You may have ongoing medical costs, immense pain and suffering from your injuries, and several financial challenges because you cannot return to work.

At Finkelstein & Partners, we have a client-centric approach to managing our cases. We want to help ensure that our clients receive the comprehensive support they need to manage the often-devastating aftermath of their injuries.

Get Easy Access to Your Attorney When You Need It

A Wappingers Falls pedestrian accident can leave you with questions about your right to compensation and how your claim proceeds. Whether you have a question for your attorney or new information related to the claim, you do not want to wait indefinitely to get in touch with your lawyer.

We at Finkelstein & Partners make it easy to get in touch with your attorney. Not only do we have our office conveniently located just off Route 9, which can make it easier for you to get in touch with us, but we also offer virtual consultations, when needed, to help you get in touch with your attorney when you need it most.

Start With a Free Consultation

If you have questions about your rights after a Wappingers Falls pedestrian accident, you need to start by connecting with a lawyer who can provide you with vital answers to those questions. However, many feel that hiring a lawyer can lead to immense financial expenses they cannot afford with the full weight of all their other bills and needs.

At Finkelstein & Partners, we start with a free consultation to help you better understand your rights and provide information about the next steps you should take.

Do you need help managing a pedestrian accident claim in Wappingers Falls? Contact Finkelstein & Partners today to get started with your claim.

How Much Compensation to Expect After a Wappingers Falls Pedestrian Accident

Pedestrians have relatively little protection from a vehicle that might strike them or anything that the vehicle might push them into. As a result, they often suffer severe injuries in a collision with a vehicle. Those injuries can, in turn, lead to substantial and ongoing expenses.

How much compensation should you expect?

Various factors can influence the compensation you can recover following a Wappingers Falls pedestrian accident.

You may have to consider:

  • The insurance policy that covers the driver that caused your accident
  • The extent of your injuries
  • Whether you have an attorney on your side willing to fight for you

At Finkelstein & Partners, we may look at those factors and the losses you sustained to help you calculate the compensation you can realistically expect for your injuries.

While we cannot guarantee the compensation you will recover, we can tell you how your losses will affect you and how we can pursue compensation for you following a Wappingers Falls pedestrian accident.

Your Medical Costs

Medical costs can rise exponentially following a Wappingers Falls pedestrian accident. Because pedestrian accidents often result in severe, often long-lasting injuries, you may have high emergency medical costs and ongoing medical costs for chronic pain or treatment for your injuries to take into consideration.

Talk to your attorney about the medical costs you have already faced and the future medical bills you may need to consider as you file your pedestrian accident claim.

Any Income Losses

Your ability to return to work following a pedestrian accident in Wappingers Falls may depend on the type of injury you sustained and the type of work you do.

If, for example, you work behind a desk for Liberty Mutual Insurance, one of the biggest employers in Wappingers Falls, you may get back to work within a few days of suffering broken bones or significant soft tissue damage in a pedestrian accident, especially if you can work from home.

On the other hand, if you work in construction or a retail position that has you on your feet for much of your shift, you may have a harder time getting back to work.

Talk to an attorney at Finkelstein & Partners to discuss the income you lost as a direct result of your accident and how you can pursue compensation for it.

If your Wappingers Falls pedestrian accident permanently impacted your ability to work, you may also want to discuss compensation for your lost earning potential.

Your Suffering

Not only will a reasonable pedestrian accident claim include compensation for your financial losses, but it will also include compensation for the suffering you may have faced because of your injuries. You may undergo immense physical suffering because of the pain of your injuries and immense emotional trauma due to the challenges often caused by pedestrian accident injuries.

For example, you may struggle with the loss of independence that often goes along with severe injuries, or you may have difficulty adapting to your inability to engage in your favorite activities after the accident.

At Finkelstein & Partners, we aim to help our clients maximize the compensation they can recover as much as possible. That starts with a comprehensive look at what losses you may have sustained in your accident so that you can fight for compensation for those devastating losses.

Wappingers Falls Pedestrian Accidents: The Dangers

Wappingers Falls offers several potential dangers to pedestrians as they try to move around the area.

Poor Pedestrian Infrastructure

At many intersections, Wappingers Falls has clear dangers to pedestrians. Poor lighting, signs too close to the road, and unclear signs indicating pedestrian crossings can all contribute to the high risk of a pedestrian accident in the area.

Dangerous Intersections and Streets

While Wappingers Falls offers pedestrian walkways throughout the city, including Route 9, some sidewalks and areas may pose a greater danger than others. Pedestrians may have particular trouble around Shamrock Hills Drive and Old Hopewell Road Corner.

Potential Pedestrian Accident Injuries in Wappingers Falls

Pedestrian accidents can occur in various ways, often due to the negligence of the driver involved in the collision.

  • Inattention, including distraction
  • Failure to yield
  • Failure to notice a pedestrian in a crosswalk
  • Driver inebriation

Pedestrian accidents often result in devastating injuries with long-term consequences, such as:

  • Brain injuries
  • Back and neck injuries
  • Amputations
  • Broken bones
  • Road rash, including severe road rash

Prompt medical treatment can significantly improve your quality of life following a pedestrian accident.

Fighting the Insurance Company After a Wappingers Falls Pedestrian Accident

You suffered injuries in a pedestrian accident in Wappingers Falls. The driver that hit you has insurance. You may assume that the accident claim will progress smoothly.

Unfortunately, the insurance company may refuse to pay out the compensation you may deserve. You may face insurance company tactics designed to limit the compensation you recover for your pedestrian accident injuries, from a refusal to accept the driver’s liability to a low settlement offer that does not pay the compensation you deserve.

At Finkelstein & Partners, we can help with the complex fight with the insurance company. In many cases, we have helped our clients recover considerably more compensation than they could have recovered on their own. We also help our clients carefully consider what compensation they should pursue for their injuries.

What to Do After a Wappingers Falls Pedestrian Accident

Following a Wappingers Falls pedestrian accident, you hopefully reported the accident immediately and got any needed medical attention.

Next, you need to protect your overall right to compensation.

  • Get a copy of the police report. Check it for accuracy.
  • Get in touch with Finkelstein & Partners to discuss your right to compensation and what steps you should take to file a pedestrian accident claim in Wappingers Falls.
  • Document all your medical costs, including both bills already paid and incoming bills.
  • Follow your care provider’s instructions regarding the steps you need to take to maximize your odds of making a full recovery. If you ignore your care provider’s instructions, you may interfere with your recovery and prevent yourself from recovering the compensation you deserve.
  • Keep a journal that documents your recovery, including any physical and emotional challenges you may face.

By working with Finkelstein & Partners, you can get vital help with each stage of your pedestrian accident claim.

Wappingers Falls Pedestrian Accident FAQ

Does a pedestrian always have the right of way in Wappingers Falls?

You may have heard the phrase, “the pedestrian always has right of way.” While that’s not always true, New York law does note that pedestrians already in intersections and crosswalks have the right of way.

Pedestrians should always use caution when interacting with motor vehicles. But a pedestrian who behaves dangerously, ignores vehicle right of way, or deliberately steps out into the road does not excuse a motorist’s negligent driving, as the answer to our next question notes.

Does the driver usually bear liability for a pedestrian accident?

andrew finkelstein
Wappingers Falls Pedestrian Accident Attorney, Andrew Finkelstein

Drivers often bear liability for pedestrian accidents and any injuries caused by the driver’s negligence. However, the driver involved in the accident may not always bear full liability.

Talk to an attorney to learn more about circumstances under which the pedestrian might bear liability for an accident in Wappingers Falls, or when someone else, including the manufacturer of the driver’s vehicle, may bear liability for the accident.

Will I have to go to court to settle a pedestrian accident claim in Wappingers Falls?

Most pedestrian accident claims settle out of court. Going to court may substantially increase the cost of dealing with a pedestrian accident, and most insurance companies would rather settle out of court if possible. However, sometimes, you may need to go to court to increase your odds of a fair resolution to your Wappingers Falls pedestrian accident claim.

Did You Suffer Injuries in a Wappingers Falls Pedestrian Accident?

If you suffered injuries in a Wappingers Falls pedestrian accident, do not try to handle your pedestrian accident claim on your own. Instead, contact Finkelstein & Partners at (845) 298-2870 for your free consultation.

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