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When Tractor Trailer Companies Fail to Put Safety First

When Tractor Trailer Companies Fail to Put Safety First

It’s hard to believe tractor trailer companies put drivers on the road without providing safety training, but unfortunately, it happens. When our client was seriously injured in a preventable tractor trailer accident, we held the company accountable™. Click here to read more. 

Ulster Man Falls Asleep at the Wheel, Causes Major Crash

On July 8th an Ulster County man was traveling on 9W in Saugerties when he fell asleep at the wheel. His 2009 pickup truck drifted into oncoming traffic, hitting two cars head on. One of the vehicles was carrying four children. While each vehicle involved was severely damaged, there was only one injury that required -->

Tractor Trailer Crash Causes Major Traffic Jam on I-84

On Monday, July 11th a tractor trailer collided with multiple vehicles on I-84. The incident occurred near Exit 5, Maybrook /Montgomery, New York, approximately 20 minutes from Newburgh.  First responders, including volunteer firemen, State Police, and the Orange County Hazmat team worked tirelessly to secure the scene and to contain a fuel leak caused by -->

Fatal Middletown Tractor Trailer Crash Shuts Down 84

Police are still investigating a tragic accident that resulted in multiple fatalities on Wednesday, June 1st. According to authorities a 29 year old woman driver, her 9 year old daughter, another adult, and two dogs were traveling on Interstate 84 in Middletown, New York when their vehicle ran out of gas. The driver called 9/11 -->

Impaired Albany Man Hits Truck at 85mph

An Albany Man pled guilty to aggravated vehicular assault on May 13th after causing a serious crash in Colonie.  According to authorities, the 28 year old Albany man was speeding when he crashed into an oncoming truck. The man was traveling at approximately 85mph at the time of the crash. The truck driver and two -->

Sleep Apnea Linked to Truck Crashes

Stephen Burks, the principal investigator of the Truckers & Turnover Project at the University of Minnesota, published interesting and possibly lifesaving findings of a study comparing truckers who suffer from sleep apnea and drivers without the condition.  “The rate of serious, preventable crashes was five times higher among truckers with sleep apnea who didn’t use -->

Excavator Dumped on I-87 after Major Collision

On January 13th, 2016 police responded to an unlikely scene on the Northbound lanes of 1-87. According to authorities a tractor trailer driven by a Monroe NY man, struck a bridge overpass between exits 14A and 14B. The impact of the collision dislodged part of the truck’s load, sending an excavator crashing down onto the interstate. -->

Dutchess County Native Tragically Killed in Pedestrian Knockdown

Wappingers Falls, New York- The Dutchess County community is mourning the death of a Wappingers Falls native who at just 30 years old died in Brooklyn days ago. On Sunday, December 6th 2015 a vehicle attempting to avoid rear ending a bus instead hopped a curb and hit the young woman and two others.  The -->

Multiple Deaths Following Syracuse Tractor-Trailer Crash

On September 18th a tractor-trailer exiting Interstate 81 in the town of Cicero fatally struck a passing vehicle.  According to the authorities the tractor-trailer failed to stop for a red light and hauled directly into a van carrying several passengers. One of the passengers was pronounced dead at the scene, and another died on Tuesday, -->

Trucks, Buses, and Distractions

In 2013 the number of trucks and buses involved in fatal car increased from the year prior. In December of 2014 the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration published rules that prohibit interstate truck and bus drivers from using hand-held phones while operating their vehicles. The rule states that drivers can not hold or reach for a mobile phone, -->

Authorities Continue to Investigate School Bus Crash

Police are still investigating the school bus crash that sent nine children and two adults to the hospital Wednesday morning. According to authorities a woman driving a minivan was stopped in an eastbound lane, waiting to take a left hand turn. A car approaching from behind didn’t see the minivan in time. According to preliminary -->

Homicide Charges Brought Against a Wisconsin Woman Using Facebook Moments Before a Fatal Crash that Killed 3 Children

15 months after a car crash that killed 3 children due to a head on collision with a truck, a court in Minneapolis ruled last week that it is in fact, a homicide case. The crash happened in Wisconsin during the winter of 2013. Investigators recently revealed that the driver was exchanging facebook messages less -->

Truck Insurance minimums need to be updated to improve safety and protect crash victims claims the American Association for Justice.

Truck Companies have increasingly escaped accountability for deadly crashes because minimum insurance requirements are too low. American Association for Justice (AAJ) President Lisa Blue Baron stated last week that The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) should update the minimum insurance requirements for trucks and buses. The minimum requirements are almost three decades old, putting -->

Truck Driving Safety Tips

If you’re driving a truck for employment or just on a long overnight trip, keep these tips in mind for your safety and the well-being of other travelers: 1. Buckle Up: It’s an old myth that good truck drivers don’t need to wear seatbelts. Everyone needs to wear a seatbelt. You could be the best -->

Do You Know the Laws About Passing a Stopped School Bus?

Did you know an estimated 50,000 motor vehicles illegally pass New York State school buses every day? Do you know when to stop for a school bus? When a school bus flashes its large red lights located on the top of the bus, this means the bus is getting ready to stop to drop off -->

Classic Concepts Recalls Aman Trunks Due to Violation of Lead Paint Standard

Classic Concepts is recalling its Aman Trunks because the surface coating paint on the interior metal chains contains excessive levels of lead, a violation of the federal lead paint standard. The sides have a natural finish with a deep red painted front panel that is surrounded by decorative metal trim with a metal plate for -->

A Truck Driver’s Winter Survival Kit

Use the below checklist to make sure you are prepared for any winter weather while driving on the job! • Warm socks, hats, and gloves. Extra pairs of each!• Extra clothes• Sleeping bag or blankets.• Extra towels.• Non perishable foods such as granola or nuts.• Extra medication if necessary.• Bottled water.• Shovel.• Flashlights and extra -->

9 Winter Driving Safety Tips for Truckers

Truckers drive in all types of weather conditions so it’s important to share driving safety tips with them! 1. Ice on Your Windshield Means Ice on the Road: A thin sheet of ice can be just as dangerous as packed on ice on roadways. Thin sheets of ice can develop quickly into a big problem. -->