Fatal Middletown Tractor Trailer Crash Shuts Down 84

Police are still investigating a tragic accident that resulted in multiple fatalities on Wednesday, June 1st. According to authorities a 29 year old woman driver, her 9 year old daughter, another adult, and two dogs were traveling on Interstate 84 in Middletown, New York when their vehicle ran out of gas.

The driver called 9/11 around 4a.m. and reported her vehicle was immobile in the right lane of 84. Just moments after placing the call a semi truck slammed into the vehicle. Sadly all of those in the vehicle died in the crash.

This tragic incident should serve as an important reminder of all drivers. If your vehicle is disabled on an interstate exit the vehicle and wait in a safe place.

Orange County State Police Captain Brendan Casey said this accident is a good illustration of why it is dangerous to leave a vehicle disabled in the driving lanes of any roadway. Drivers should make every effort to put a stalled car in neutral, move it off the roadway, and then get out and move to the safety of the shoulder or the woods beyond.