Dec. 2017 - Rohan

I was in my car waiting to make a left hand turn when a distracted driver in a phone company pick-up truck crashed into the rear of my truck in Newburgh, New York. I already was out on Workers’ Comp for my low back and now this crash messed up my neck. At first, I just called my Workers’ Comp lawyer and he said he would take care of it. I don’t think he knew what he was doing so after a few months of nothing happening I switched to the injury lawyers at Finkelstein & Partners. Once I did, everything changed. They started a lawsuit fast. I always knew what was happening with my case.

Oct. 2017 - Wally G.

Living in Beacon, NY I am always travelling on Route 84 and am always concerned about so many trucks on that road. As I was on 84 in the Town of Kent, I was passing a flatbed. Suddenly, without any blinker or warning the flatbed entered my lane, side swiped me and pushed me into the guardrail. I couldn’t believe he didn’t even stop. Eventually the police tracked him down. At first I didn’t think I was hurt that bad, but the pain in my neck got worse and worse. Eventually I had surgery to my neck. I hired the best accident lawyers in the Hudson Valley, Finkelstein & Partners.

Oct. 2017 - Patrick C.

I was always proud to drive a school bus in Dutchess County and I loved the kids. Everything changed when I was driving a school bus for Pawling Central School District one day waiting to turn and was rear ended by a truck driver who wasn’t paying attention. At first I hired a local lawyer who referred me to a Poughkeepsie accident lawyer. This lawyer tried to get me to settle but I knew I should get more. I couldn’t work anymore. As my injuries got worse and I needed multiple surgeries and was still unable to work, I knew I needed a big firm to take on the insurance company.

$894,000 : Case Too Big For Family Lawyer, Trucking Company Pays

The call every parent dreads…"Your daughter was in a serious car crash with a truck”.   After visiting the hospital and unsure of what to do next, the parents of the injured 15-year-old passenger called the lawyer that handled their house closing.   Their daughter suffered a mild traumatic brain injury and broke her wrist. After two years, the parents realized the house closing lawyer was out of his league.  The trucking company had high powered lawyers and their lawyer was outmatched.

$295,000 Settlement :Tractor Trailer Company Fails To Provide Safety Training To Drivers

A tractor trailer company from Honesdale, PA was hired to transport pallets of salt from New Jersey to Massachusetts. The tractor trailer company never provided safety training to any of their drivers. The tractor trailer company did not provide lane awareness safety equipment in any of their trucks. While driving on Route 84 through Fishkill New York, the tractor trailer driver changed lanes without signaling. Our client was in the left lane and was forced off the road. There the truck pushed the car into the guardrail and drove away.