Concussions are mild traumatic brain injuries (TBI) that often leave invisible, life-altering wounds. Concussions and brain injuries became more widely talked about when the number of NFL players and U.S. service members diagnosed with TBIs began to soar. More than five years ago the NFL and U.S. army initiated a long-term program to care for and prevent concussions and head trauma.

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Each year more than a million traumatic brain injury (TBI) cases are reported in the United States. While the term TBI is most often associated with sports-related injuries (football players are especially prone to sustaining TBIs), most TBIs are caused during every day events. The leading cause of TBI is fall down accidents, followed by motor vehicle accidents.

How can I afford an attorney for my brain or head injury case?

Anybody who has suffered a traumatic brain injury has so many worries. With Finkelstein and Partners, you don’t have to worry about our legal fee or spending any monies until the case is resolved. We work on what is called a contingency fee, that contingency means we only obtain a legal fee if we’re successful and you get money.

What is the #1 misconception about brain and head injuries?

One of the biggest misconceptions about a traumatic brain injury is that just because someone looks fine, and they walk and talk, they are not injured. The injury of a traumatic brain injury is subtle, but those subtle differences, the relationships with your family, the relationships with your children, the relationships with your parents, the relationships with your co-workers and your ability to do your job is the true injury, because you’re no longer the person you once were.

How do you help your clients through a traumatic brain injury case?

In order to fully communicate to somebody who’s sustained a traumatic brain injury, we have to know what their life was like before. We spend hours with our client and more importantly their family members, gathering photos of important family events, weddings, birthdays, birth of children, and getting the real underlying story of who this person was before, and contrasting it with who they are now. And often times, although they look the same, and they dress the same, its not the same person.

Why is it important to find an experienced attorney?

Anybody who suffered a traumatic brain injury needs somebody who’s been down that road before; a lawyer who knows who to handle traumatic brain injury, knows how to communicate it to the insurance company and to a jury. If you get an lawyer who has never handled a traumatic brain injury case before, they won't even know what they’re missing. Its important to be with somebody who has been there, done that.