Army Vet Finds Unconventional Way to Promote TBI Awareness

An Afghanistan and Iraq Army veteran who sustained multiple service related injuries, including a damaged spine, inner ear and eye injuries, and a traumatic brain injury (TBI) recently made national headlines.

Two years ago the veteran, a former Army Delta Air force captain, was in the midst of seeking treatment for his condition(s) when he was given a paddleboard. The determined veteran found some comfort while on the board, and has since made it his mission to set a world stand up paddling record by traveling 3,500 miles from Texas to New York City. Through his journey the brave veteran will help bring to light the recurrent issues veterans who suffer from TBI / post-traumatic stress disorder face.

“We think brain injury and we automatically think forgetfulness and loss of motor functions, but our personality and behavior are in our brain as well. We’ve seen football players become demented and depressed and kill themselves because of brain damage from all the hits. Our veterans are going through the same torment. Each day, 22 vets commit suicide.” – (click here to read the full article).

We applaud the efforts of the Captain and will be cheering him on as he continues his journey to New York.

Every day veterans across our country face seemingly insurmountable obstacles. We are dedicated to ensuring these brave men and women are afforded the benefits they deserve. Click here to learn more about Finkelstein & Partners Veterans’ Services group.