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How Much Sun Can Our Four-Legged Friends Tolerate?

How Much Sun Can Our Four-Legged Friends Tolerate?

The American Humane organization recommends the following safety tips for keeping your pets healthy and happy during summer months: Never leave your dog in parked car; the temperature inside of a vehicle can quickly become unbearable, even on cool summer days. It is against the law to leave your pet unattended in a hot car -->

Before You Begin Cyber Monday Shopping Brush Up on Cyber Safety

Before You Begin Cyber Monday Shopping Brush Up on Cyber Safety

Did you know 143 million Americans had their secure information (SSN#, DOB, name, and address) compromised by the Equifax security breach? And hackers were able to access the username, DOB, and email address for 3 billion Yahoo users. With the threat of data breaches becoming increasingly prevalent and cyber Monday in full swing, keep the following -->

5 Surprising Ways Divorce Can Affect Health and Safety

For some the divorce process is amiable and ultimately liberating, but for others the process can profoundly affect almost all aspects of daily life. Here are five surprising ways divorce can affect health and safety: Anxiety It is common to experience anxiety and depression throughout the divorce process. While you may feel you have a -->

EpiPen and EpiPen Jr Recall

The EpiPen auto-injector is one of the most widely used allergen-symptom control devices in the United States. EpiPens are used to treat allergic reactions, including life-threatening anaphylaxis. On March 31st the Food Drug Administration alerted consumers of a nationwide voluntary recall of EpiPen and EpiPen Jr. devices distributed between Dec. 17 2015 and July 1 -->

Tell Congress To Protect Your Rights

The House of Representatives has passed a series of bills that may make it nearly impossible for individuals to hold large organizations and corporations accountable for wrong doings. The proposed legislation if passed by the Senate, could eliminate a patients’ right to seek justice in the event abuse, neglect, or misconduct occurs in a hospital -->

Free Blood Testing for City of Newburgh Residents after Water Contamination Revealed

State officials are offering Newburgh’s 28,000 residents free blood testing in a response to the PFOS contamination. PFOS is a chemical linked to cancer and other serious health issues. In May 2016 the city of Newburgh declared a state of emergency after it was discovered the city’s water source no longer met the U.S. Environmental -->

Mail and Wire Fraud, Please Read and Share

Finkelstein & Partners was first notified of a mail/wire fraud scheme associated with he firm in 2014. Letters circulating in the U.S. and abroad were/are sent from a fictitious company: Finkelstein & Partner: International Trust Company. The letters claim the recipient has won or inherited money, and in order to receive that money must provide -->

The Indian Point Radioactive Water Leak, What Hudson Valley Residents Should Know

Indian Point Energy Center, located in Buchanan New York, is a nuclear power plant that produces roughly 34% of the state’s electricity. The plant has been a long time target of criticism from multiple fronts. Environmentalists speculate the plant’s water removal system has killed approximately 60% of the river’s alewives (a type of fish). Government -->

A Local Debate: Kingston Reacts to Plans for a New Broadway with Mixed Reviews

So what does the preliminary vision for the new and improved Broadway look like?  •    Enhanced crosswalks•    A designated bike lane•    Approximately 13 fewer parking spaces initially, followed by an estimated 42 more•    Restructured traffic lanes  Those in favor of updates, a product of the “Building a better Broadway” organization, say pedestrians and cyclists will -->

The Discrimination Injured or Disabled Job Candidates Face

In a recent study researchers from Rutgers and Syracuse concluded employers tend to discriminate against job candidates who have a disability of sorts, even those who are well qualified.  The study compared fictitious candidates with an application or cover letter which made mention of an injury or disability to applications that did not reference a -->

National Grid Nationwide Scam

National Grid has announced its customers may be at risk for a utility bill scam. According to officials customers have received phone calls stating they must provide payment for past due balances for electrics accounts. The callers threaten the customers with immediate service interruption if payment is not made.  A statement from National Grid: “National -->

Four Legged Dates, New York Passes Dining with Dogs Law

Governor Cuomo recently passed a new state law which allows furry friends to join their human companions on restaurant patios throughout the state. It appears New Yorkers have received the news of the legislation with mixed reviews. While animal lovers and dog owners are pleased the health department and other critics feel differently.  The majority of -->

A Happy Client Says it All

We often post recent case results including the dollars and cents won, but it’s the words of our happy clients who appreciate the work we’ve done along the course of their case that’s shows what type of law firm Finkelstein & Partners is. A few notes from clients this summer: “…It’s been a long road, -->

Labor Day Travel, “Driver Sober or Get Pulled Over.”

State and local law enforcement will be ramping up efforts to reduce the number of deaths and injuries caused by impaired drivers throughout September 7th.  The statewide campaign, “Driver Sober or Get Pulled over” was announced earlier this month by Gov. Andrew Cuomo. “Driving drunk is both reckless and selfish, and we have seen too far too many -->

What You Should Know About Cyber Fraud

According to the United States Department of Justice, cyber or internet fraud falls into the category of “mass marketing fraud,” which “uses one or more mass-communication techniques and technologies – such as the Internet, telephones, the mail, and even mass meetings in person — to present fraudulent solicitations to numbers of prospective victims, to conduct fraudulent transactions with victims, -->

Drone Surveillance Trial in Ulster County

An Ulster County man charged with unlawful survellience has been acquitted. According to authorities, the man was filming a hospital with a camera attached to his drone. Drone Legislation is still being developed and debated in N.Y. and in much of the US. Early this Spring, lawmakers in Rockland County contemplated implementing drone restrictions,which would -->

E-Cigarette Use Banned in Westchester County

Lawmakers have approved a countywide indoor e-cigarette smoking ban for Westchester County. E- cigarettes, or Electronic Cigarettes, are battery powered vaporizers, meant to mimic the feeling of smoking a traditional cigarette. There is limited evidence to date that definitively states e-cigarettes are safer than traditional cigarettes. Westchester County Legislator Catherine Borgia, who proposed the bill, -->