5 Surprising Ways Divorce Can Affect Health and Safety

For some the divorce process is amiable and ultimately liberating, but for others the process can profoundly affect almost all aspects of daily life. Here are five surprising ways divorce can affect health and safety:


It is common to experience anxiety and depression throughout the divorce process. While you may feel you have a good handle on your emotions, you could be cycling through life cognitively distracted. Cognitive distraction can lead to a number of preventable injuries, including those associated with car crashes and slip and falls. Learn more about various types of distraction here.


Have you heard the expression “can’t eat, can’t sleep?” Did you know that there is truth behind those words? Multiple studies have identified connections between sleep issues and those in the midst of a separation/divorce. If you’re losing sleep because of a divorce or separation carefully consider how that could affect other aspects of your life. Could you be inadvertently putting your safety or the safety of your co-workers at risk because of your fatigue? Certain industries rely on workers to be well rested and alert (ex. health care, construction, and the transportation industry).

Mobility Issues

According to Webmd.com: Those who were divorced or windowed were 23% more likely to have mobility problems, such as difficulty climbing stairs or walking short distances.

Basic & Emergency Care

Health care and other types of insurance are important topics to discuss early in the divorce process. If you or your former spouse are without health care and experience an unexpected injury/illness the costs could add up quickly, and in some cases could interfere with recovery or ongoing treatments.

Family Members Wellbeing

It is not uncommon for children to have an especially hard time coping with divorce. They too may suffer from insomnia and emotional issues, like anxiety. Studies have also identified a correlation between a higher than average susceptibility to sickness to children of divorce.

It is important to recognize how divorce/separation may affect you and your family. Our sister firm, Fine Olin and Anderman helps individuals minimize the negative effects of divorce and separation and assists clients in achieving the best possible outcome in their divorce/separation proceedings. Click here to learn more.