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Ronald Rosenkranz

Personal Injury | Trial Attorney

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Winning Case Highlights

$34,000,000.00 Million Dollars, Finkelstein & Partners wins verdict against Pfizer

Trial Attorney Ronald Rosenkranz was part of the winning team that won a Philadelphia jury verdict of $34.3 million for a Decatur, IL client, who claims the prolonged use of two drugs manufactured by Wyeth and parent company Pfizer resulted in her breast cancer.

$2,500,000.00 Million Settlement – Distracted Driver Crosses Over Causing Broken Back

Attorney Ronald Rosenkranz was able to assist in settling this case prior to depositions.

$1,500,000.00 Million Settlement : Communication Specialist Accident

Ultimately, just before trial, an offer of $1,500,000 was accepted by our client.The team for this case included Ronald Rosenkranz, Andrew Finkelstein, David Akerib, Duncan Clark, and Andrew Spitz.

“I have always loved trial work, because I love to tell stories, and each of our clients has a story to tell. They just need someone to word it in such a way that other people will listen.

For thirteen years I was a prosecutor of persons who committed crimes, in my personal effort to protect the innocent. I view my current position, as a plaintiff’s personal injury attorney, in much the same way, as a protector of the innocent. While the perpetrator might not have committed an intentional crime, in most instances, the defendant has made a choice, and for reasons, such as inattention, lack of appropriate care, or simply greed, that choice has caused someone to be harmed and injured. That person has no less of a right to be protected than the victim of a crime.

What I most enjoy about what I do, is seeing the smile on our client’s faces when we present them with a check. In most instances the amount of money that our clients get can never make them whole again, cannot bring back the person they once were, but it is some measure of justice, and recognition for the hurt that they suffered. My goal for my clients is always justice.

These days, a lot of my work involves traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs. Observing the life-altering effects that these “invisible injuries” have on people, can be very sad to see. The consequences of such an injury can be devastating, but, what makes it worse, is that many times people do not believe, or understand the victim. One of my responsibilities is to work with clients, so that people do believe them.”-Ronald Rosenkranz, Esq.

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Mr. Rosenkranz is a senior trial partner at Finkelstein & Partners. Before joining our law firm, Mr. Rosenkranz was an outstanding prosecutor trying over thirty cases to verdict with an 85% conviction rate, before becoming Deputy Chief of the Supreme Court and Narcotics Bureau. Since joining the firm of Finkelstein & Partners, Mr. Rosenkranz has taken approximately 110 cases to verdict and settled several hundreds others, both before, and during trial. He has been named a “Super Lawyer” for ten consecutive years, and a “Top Attorney” in the Hudson Valley. He has also been a member of the “Top 100 Trial Attorneys” for 6 years and a member of “America’s 100 High Stakes Litigators” for two years. Mr. Rosenkranz was recently selected as a member of the “10 Best Attorneys in New York”, in their high verdict and settlement category.

Included among the verdicts and settlements that Mr. Rosenkranz has taken are a $34 Million verdict against Pfizer for manufacturing and marketing a woman’s hormone replacement product that caused her to get Breast Cancer.

Mr. Rosenkranz settled a case involving two brothers, injured in an automobile collision, for over $5 million dollars.

Also settled during trial was a case concerning a drug manufactured and marketed by Pfizer, that allegedly caused a man to commit suicide. Mr. Rosenkranz also had a verdict in a construction accident that was the biggest ever awarded in Warren County, New York. He also settled a case in during trial in Ulster County NY for $ 2.3 million, for a young woman who had suffered a brain injury in an automobile accident. Recently, Mr. Rosenkranz settled a case of an injured construction worker for $1 million after openings.

Recently, Mr. Rosenkranz settled the case of a motorist who suffered a herniated lumbar disc and shoulder injury, which led to 2 surgeries, for the sum of $993,000. He also settled a case for $900,000 in Broome County NY, for a motorist who suffered from piriformis syndrome as a result of his accident. Mr. Rosenkranz also got an $800,000 verdict in Orange County NY for a construction worker who was injured at work, and, in another case, got a settlement of $ 795,000 before trial, for a construction worker who fell while working and subsequently had several knee surgeries, including a knee replacement.