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What Today’s Graduates Know That We Didn’t

Today’s graduates live in a world with more opportunities and dangers than we could have ever imagined, but, with change comes possibility. Parents and teens, take a moment to consider what we knew then and what we know now, and ask yourself, ‘why shouldn’t this generation have a safer future than ever before?’.   The -->

Congratulations Graduates of 2016, Tips on Safe Celebrating

This past weekend, and in the weeks to come high school seniors from New York and all across the United States will be celebrating the first of many lifetime achievements: high school graduation.  This exciting time is also a dangerous time for teens. According to the National Safety Council, the 100 days between Memorial Day -->

Teen Seriously Hurt in Fishkill Crash

A young driver lost control of his vehicle on Sunday, April 3rd in East Fishkill. According to authorities the 18-year old driver hit a tree on Sandy Pines Boulevard. The driver was transported to a Poughkeepsie area hospital with a serious head injury.  Authorities have yet to determine what caused the crash. Local police ask -->

Teenager Dies after Tragic Upstate Car Crash

Clarence, NY: On Sunday, November 22nd five teenagers were involved in serious car crash in an upstate town not far from Buffalo, New York. According to deputies the vehicle driven by a 19-year-old female driver veered off Tonawanda Creek Road and into a tree. The driver had to be extracted from the badly damaged vehicle -->

Let’s Put a Stop to Preventable Teen Auto Accident Injuries and Death

 “Commit to Quit,” Finkelstein & Partners public service campaign has made strides to reduce the number of preventable injuries and deaths due to distracted driving since its launch in 2011.   Through signage, billboard, television, and radio spot’s we’ve utilized virtually every media outlet accessible sharing the dangers and deadly consequences of distracted and driving.  -->

5 Apps Your Teenager Should Have

Believe it or not there are some benefits to your teen having their cell phone glued to their hands. The apps below have the potential to help your family communicate better, protect them while their own, and teach them things they may not have learned otherwise. TED – New videos of the world’s most innovative thinkers are added -->

You’re Fearful Your Teen is Texting and Driving: Teen Trends

Did you know the latest trend is for teens to take driving “selfies”? They use a Snapchat filter that records the speed at which the image is taken. This could be deadly! Talk to your teens about this and remind them that if they’re caught driving while holding a handheld device they could lose their license for -->

Do Our Teens Know the Real Risk Factors When They Get Behind the Wheel?

Although it takes many years to gain the sort of knowledge and expertise necessary to reduce the chances of an automobile crash, knowing and considering the risk factors that cause accident and injury may help to prevent such occurrences. Teenage drivers often do not have the skillset to recognize a “danger zone.” Common danger zones -->

Parallel Parking Tips

For new drivers, parallel parking can be one of the most difficult things to do as a driver. Here are some parallel parking tips for inexperienced drivers or experienced drivers who may be a little rusty: • Practice with cones or large boxes. • If you’re uncomfortable with your angle of approach, pull back out -->

Early School Start Means More Crashes for Teens, According to Study

Teen drivers who sleep in are involved in fewer car crashes, according to a study. Chesterfield and Henrico counties in Virginia offered researchers an experiment. The counties have similar ethnic characteristics and socioeconomic characteristics, however high school starts at 8:45am in Henrico, and at 7:30am in Chesterfield. The rate of accidents among 16- to 18-year -->