Congratulations Graduates of 2016, Tips on Safe Celebrating

This past weekend, and in the weeks to come high school seniors from New York and all across the United States will be celebrating the first of many lifetime achievements: high school graduation. 

This exciting time is also a dangerous time for teens. According to the National Safety Council, the 100 days between Memorial Day and Labor Day are the deadliest days for teen drivers. 

Before your teenager gets behind the wheel this summer review the following safety tips/facts with them:

  •  Drive Distraction Free! Distraction goes beyond texting or talking on your phone, changing the radio station, talking to a friend, and eating are all examples of distraction. 
  • Drive Solo. Teens driving with passengers are more likely to be involved in a crash. As often as possible hit the road solo.
  • Obey traffic laws, they were designed to save lives. 
  • Never drive under the influence. Remember, certain medications can affect your ability to operate a vehicle.
  • Remember the consequences. Aside from the possibility of seriously hurting or killing someone, a bad driving decision can land you in jail and cost you or your family thousands of dollars. 

For more information about teen driving, or to learn about our free in-school driving presentation about the dangers of distracted driving, click here.