Parallel Parking Tips

For new drivers, parallel parking can be one of the most difficult things to do as a driver. Here are some parallel parking tips for inexperienced drivers or experienced drivers who may be a little rusty:

• Practice with cones or large boxes.

• If you’re uncomfortable with your angle of approach, pull back out and start over.

• When parking, leave the car in front of you enough space to get out.

• If driving with a passenger, let that person direct you into the spot if they can.

• Sometimes it’s easier to look for a spot that is big enough if you are inexperienced or a spot you can pull right into. 

• Always look behind you to check if traffic is coming.

• Your foot should always be near or on the brake pedal.

• Try to find a space that is at least six feet longer than your car.

• Put your turn signal on before parking.

• Take it slow and easy into the spot

The “S” Method:

• Turn on your signal and pull three feet away from the car you want to park behind. Make sure to align your back tires with the other car’s back bumper.

• Put your car into reverse and turn your wheels all the way.

• Very slowly back up until you are at a 45-degree angle, then stop.

• Turn the wheels in the other direction.

• Back up very slowly until you are parallel with the curb.

• If done correctly, you should have less than 12 inches from the curb.


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