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Dog Breeds and Behaviors, the Akita

There are various dog breeds characterized as “aggressive” and/or “dangerous,” however before applying a label it’s important to remember that any dog, regardless of breed, could act aggressively if the animal isn’t trained and monitored properly.  History & Overview  It’s especially important that breeds with particular physical and behavioral predispositions receive proper training and monitoring, -->

Family of Dog Bite Victim Shares Their Experience With Finkelstein & Partners Legal Team

Being attacked by a dog can cause severe physical and emotional anguish, those victimized are often entitled to compensation for their injuries. Finkelstein & Partner’s personal injury  attorneys recently assisted in a case where a child was attacked by a dog in Marlboro, NY. Our client’s mother had this to say about her experience with -->

Four Legged Dates, New York Passes Dining with Dogs Law

Governor Cuomo recently passed a new state law which allows furry friends to join their human companions on restaurant patios throughout the state. It appears New Yorkers have received the news of the legislation with mixed reviews. While animal lovers and dog owners are pleased the health department and other critics feel differently.  The majority of -->

Habits of a Responsible Dog Owner

Any dog owner knows training a dog or puppy can be extremely taxing. However, when a person decides to bring a dog home they are making a commitment to the dog, their neighbors, and the community that he or she will put in the work to keep their dog and those it encounters safe. While each dog is -->

Technology Comes to the Aid of Pets in Hopes to Reduce the Number that Die in House Fires.

Every year hundreds of thousands of pets die in house fires, because smoke kills them long before anyone arrives to help. VineLight technology company have created a brand new concept called Buddy Rescue in hopes to reduce this awful statistic. Bringing together technology and community, Buddy Rescue aims to help save your pets long before -->

Newburgh Library gets a visit from Tail Waggin’ Tutors

The Tail Waggin’ Tutors program stopped by Newburgh Library last week. The program was set up to help improve children’s reading levels by allowing them to overcome shyness using the pets as their reading partners. Kathy Sheehan-Trappe and Joanne Woodruff volunteer their service dogs to the program.  View video of the program here   (Pictured -->

8 Ways to Prevent Dog Bites

Just got a new addition to the family? Check out these simple ways to help prevent your dog from becoming aggressive!: 1. Socialize Your Dog: If you just brought home a new puppy, the best thing to do is to introduce him or her to as many places, other dogs and people as possible! Assuming -->

Hilarious Photo of Dog Seeing Its Deployed Soldier Owner on Webcam

A Reddit user posted a hilarious photo of when his dog saw him for the first time on webcam since he has been deployed. Check out the touching and funny picture! Kiba was shocked when he saw his owner, Justin Jones over the webcam. With her eyes wide and her mouth agaped, it couldn’t be -->