Family of Dog Bite Victim Shares Their Experience With Finkelstein & Partners Legal Team

Being attacked by a dog can cause severe physical and emotional anguish, those victimized are often entitled to compensation for their injuries. Finkelstein & Partner’s personal injury  attorneys recently assisted in a case where a child was attacked by a dog in Marlboro, NY. Our client’s mother had this to say about her experience with the firm:

“When my daughter was bit by a dog in Marlboro, NY, I first turned to the lawyer I work for to help. Thankfully he told me that Finkelstein & Partners was the best firm in the Hudson Valley to handle a dog bite case. I called their Newburgh office and they started working on my daughter’s case right away. Once the law firm started the lawsuit, the insurance company got serious and settled for the full amount of available insurance coverage. I highly recommend the lawyers at Finkelstein & Partners if you are ever in need of an accident or serious injury lawyer.”