What Is Black Ice and Why Is It So Dangerous?

There’s no time of year that’s more dangerous to drive in than winter. And there’s no risk factor during winter more dangerous than black ice, which is a factor in countless winter auto accidents. Black ice is a thin layer of ice that forms on asphalt. But because it is so thin, it tends to blend in with the color of the asphalt below, coining the term ‘black ice’. Black ice can occur on any roadway, but most commonly occurs on elevated such as bridges or roads that see frequent or constant shade.

Because black ice is so tricky to spot, especially from the drivers seat, here are some tips to keep in mind if you do encounter some black ice on your journey in these next coming months:

  • Take your foot off the gas immediately
  • Don’t brake
  • Keep your steering wheel straight

If you or someone you love is injured by a negligent driver this winter, we want to help you get compensation.