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Safe Winter Driving Tips

Winter in the Hudson Valley brings picturesque landscapes blanketed in snow, but it also presents -->

General Importance of Vehicle Maintenance

No matter how much safety equipment you have or how well you drive, you are -->

What If I Encounter Wildlife Areas?

Small animals in the road are dangerous because motorists sometimes lose control while trying to -->

New Legislation Mandates AED Implementation in Camps and Youth Sports Programs: A Victory for Safety

In a significant move towards prioritizing the well-being of our youth, New York Governor Kathy -->


The PACT Act, formally known as The Sergeant First Class (SFC) Heath Robinson Honoring our -->

June 15, 2023 – Andrew Finkelstein – Sharing the Road with Cyclists and Pedestrians

AGF talks with CBS6 Albany about Sharing the Road, “People should be prioritized on the -->

Child Safety: Preventing Window Falls

As a parent or caregiver, one of the most important things you can do to -->


The Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) sends out weekly newsletters to Veterans and their families. -->

Finkelstein & Partners thanks Hudson Valley Magazine for 2023 “Faces of Compassionate Legal Representation”

In October 2021, Finkelstein & Partners trial partners Kenneth Fromson and Andrew Finkelstein argued successfully -->

What Is Black Ice and Why Is It So Dangerous?

There’s no time of year that’s more dangerous to drive in than winter. And there’s -->