Utah High School Football Coach Suspends Entire Team for Reported Cyberbullying

Union High School’s football coach in Utah has recently suspended all 80 players from the team due to reported bullying and academic issues. The coach told the players that if they participated in community service, took character-education classes and participated in extra study hall sessions, they would earn the right to play again. “The lack of character we are showing off the field is outshining what we are achieving on the field. We want student-athletes that are humble to learn and grow through adversity and success on and off the field,” the coach said in the letter. The decision received support from both the school administration and parents. The coach, Matt Labrum, recently announced that he would let most of the players back on the team because they met the outlined requirements. According to KSL-TV, Labrum reportedly met with a student who had been harassed on the social media site, Ask.fm by one of his players, and asked for his forgiveness on behalf of the team. Contact us 24/7 or chat with our live agents today!

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