Track Your Teens’ Driving Habits

There’s an app for that. Researchers from the University of North Carolina found that the first phase of driving alone is the deadliest phase. A recent survey from a major insurance company found that 65% of parents wanted a better way to keep track of their teens’ early driving experience. The new app from UNC is called Time to Drive. It focuses on some of the things new drivers struggle with. According to the developers of the app, a critically important piece of a driver’s licensing process is the learner stage. During this stage, new drivers are required to spend 6-12 months and a certain number of hours practicing under the supervision of a licensed adult. The app can assist in this process. Image provided by What Does The App Do?

  • Records the amount of driving and conditions – it will generate a log which you can provide to the DMV.
  • Keeps track of hard stops.
  • Provides parents with tips.
  • Encourages the parent-teen team to meet driving goals.
  • Shows a map of past trips.
  • Helps make sure your teens gets lots of driving practice so he or she can become a safe driver.

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