The Intersection of Golf & The Law

Golfers don’t expect to end up in court or jail while on the course, but it happens more often than you might think. Par 3 on a busy course: a spot where the law and golf meet quite frequently. This is due to the heavy traffic bottlenecks that happen here. Irritable golfers often don’t wait for players in front of them to putt out before teeing off. But if you hit someone with a golf ball, this could cause serious injuries and you will probably be found liable by a court and could have pay some significant damages to the person you hit. It is true that golfers aren’t liable for errant shots, but hitting someone in your intended line of fire is not an accident. With that said, mulligan swingers are likely to get themselves in these situations. They are most often already irritated, and without looking, hurriedly hit another ball and slice it. He may hit one of his playing partners because they were already heading down the fairway. Sever injuries have ensued due to these types of incidences. To keep yourself and others safe while on the course, consider these two tips:

  • Keep your cart on the path whenever you can and avoid steep hills.
  • Golf rage is more dangerous than rage in the grocery store line. People sometimes start swinging clubs! Avoid confrontation if someone angers you or vice versa.

The comical author of this article suggests wearing flamboyant outfits when you play! This silly recommendation can help deter you from getting worked up or acting like a jerk. When you’re wearing goofy golf shoes, a pink argyle vest or bright blue slacks, it puts you in your place and hopefully you will remember you are out there to have fun, not to start a fight! Contact us 24/7 and fill out our free case evaluation form. Read the full article here: NYTimes: The Intersection of Golf & The Law Image provided by NYTimes.