The Differences Between a Truck Accident Attorney and a Car Accident Attorney

Although both truck accident attorneys and car accident attorneys may have similar legal training, there are vast differences between the laws as they relate to cars versus trucks. It’s vital to choose a lawyer who has experience and training with the type of accident you had.

In a car accident, it is usually the driver alone who bears the responsibility for an accident unless the car or its parts are defective. In a truck accident, the driver may share the liability for an accident with one or more other parties. The trucking carrier company may also be at fault if the driver was not trained properly or the company did not follow federal regulations or maintain the truck in good working order.

Truck accident lawyers must have forensic skills to determine liability. In typical car accidents, the driver’s exchange information after an accident occurs and file reports with the police and insurance companies themselves. In a trucking accident, there is much more information available in determining liability. Experienced attorneys, like the ones at Finkelstein & Partners, LLP, examine a large amount of evidence including the truck driver’s employment history, their qualifications and the results of any drug or alcohol tests conducted before and after the accident. The attorney will review the trucking company’s insurance information and inspect the truck and any other vehicles involved in the accident. They will also make sure that the truck’s “black box,” known as the electronic control module, is brought to court and entered into evidence.

Each of these factors is important in determining liability in a trucking accident. For example, if a truck hits a motorcycle when making a legal right-hand turn, it is possible that the driver was not sufficiently trained by their carrier company to anticipate this type of incident. Another example might be a driver who falls asleep at the wheel and causes a pile-up on an interstate. You may assume that the fault for the accident is completely on the driver. However, if the trucking company unlawfully required the driver to stay on the road for longer than the federal limit of 70 hours per week, the company would be just as responsible for the accident as the driver.

Filing a lawsuit after a semi-truck accident can be a complicated and complex undertaking. It’s imperative that you hire an attorney with the skills and experience to handle your claim. Call the knowledgeable and compassionate attorneys at Finkelstein & Partners, LLP at 800-529-2676 or email