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Syracuse Truck Rollovers: What You Need to Know

Syracuse Truck Rollovers and Truck Accidents

Like any city, Syracuse relies on large trucks to keep its economy humming. Trucks deliver inventory to downtown retailers and packages to homes in Tipperary Hill and other neighborhoods. They transport equipment for events at the Carrier Dome and the New York State Fairgrounds. They come-and-go from businesses along I-690 and I-81. Truck traffic inevitably -->

Syracuse Dump and Garbage Trucks: The Dangers They May Pose

Garbage trucks traverse Syracuse every day, picking up waste from homes in Eastwood, restaurants on Fayette Street, and countless other locations throughout the city. Dump trucks also navigate Syracuse roads, hauling loads of building materials to public and private construction sites citywide. Few Syracuse residents give much thought to the potential dangers posed by those -->

When Unqualified Truck Drivers Injure Others in Albany…

Albany serves as more than just the center of government in New York State. The city also sits as an important commercial hub, at a crossroads of Upstate New York, the Hudson Valley, and Southern New England. That means that trucks crowd the roads throughout the Capital Region, especially the major highways—I-90, I-87, and I-787—and -->

What Happens When Tractor-Trailers Injure People in Albany?

As a crossroads of commerce, Albany and its environs see lots of truck traffic. Tractor-trailers traverse the Capital Region headed east into New England, west toward Canada, and south to New York City. Drive any stretch of I-87, I-90, and I-787 in and around Albany, and you will likely share the road with numerous big -->

What Happens After Crashes With Albany Tow Trucks?

Cars break down in Albany, and when they do, the city’s private tow truck companies provide essential services for drivers, businesses, and City of Albany police (among others) in removing them from roadways and private properties. No matter whether they remove a vehicle from an accident scene on I-787 or from a driveway in Whitehall, -->

When Semi-Trucks Collide in Albany

Large trucks crisscross the Albany area regularly. Semi-trucks, in particular, roll through Albany on I-90, I-87, and I-787, on their way to deliver cargo to businesses and consumers throughout the United States and Canada. Many of those trucks also serve Albany-area manufacturers and retailers. All that semi-truck traffic has its benefits for the Capital Region. -->

Blind Spot Truck Accidents Haunt Syracuse Victims

Blind Spot Truck Accidents Haunt Syracuse Victims

I-81 is a main artery through Syracuse, for individuals driving passenger cars and those driving commercial trucks into and out of the city. However, the congestion on I-81 has gotten so bad that city and state officials, with the backing of the U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, are planning to tear down the -->

The Dangers of Syracuse Head-On Truck Collisions

The Dangers of Syracuse Head-On Truck Collisions

A head-on collision with any type of vehicle can lead to severe injuries and suffering for the victim. A head-on collision with a big truck is particularly devastating. Syracuse truck drivers face unique challenges that can increase the risk that they will end up causing head-on collisions. Why Do Syracuse Truck Drivers Face a Risk -->

How New Technology Developed by Ford May Save Lives

How New Technology Developed by Ford May Save Lives

We all know speeding is dangerous, and distracted driving is dangerous, and drunk (impaired driving) is dangerous, but often drivers fail to recognize the dangers of drowsy driving. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety estimates that 21 percent of fatal motor vehicle crashes involve driver fatigue. One third of crashes involving a drowsy driver also -->

How is a Semi-Truck Accident Different from an Auto Accident?

It is obvious that semi-trucks, tractor-trailers, 18-wheelers and other extra-large commercial vehicles are much larger and weigh much more than standard automobiles. It then comes as no surprise that the injuries and damage from an accident involving a truck of this size can be far more catastrophic than the injuries from a smaller vehicle. There -->

The Differences Between a Truck Accident Attorney and a Car Accident Attorney

Although both truck accident attorneys and car accident attorneys may have similar legal training, there are vast differences between the laws as they relate to cars versus trucks. It’s vital to choose a lawyer who has experience and training with the type of accident you had. In a car accident, it is usually the driver -->

Exhausted Behind the Wheel of an 18 Wheeler, More Common than You Think

According to recent research, more than 40% of commercial motor vehicle drivers may have obstructive sleep apnea. “What is sleep apnea? When you have this condition, your breath can become very shallow or you may even stop breathing — briefly — while you sleep. It can happen many times a night in some people. Obstructive sleep -->

How Truck Drivers Can Reduce the Risk of Accidents

Trucking accidents, though preventable, are all too common. Although you cannot control how others conduct themselves while driving, there are ways in which you can greatly decrease the risk of trucking accidents. If you or someone you know has been injured in a truck driving accident, contact the personal injury attorneys of Finkelstein and Partners, -->