Speed Called Possible Cause of Deadly Train Crash in Bronx

The MTA train that derailed Sunday morning was found to be traveling at 82 mph in a 30 mph curve zone –nearly 3 times the permitted speed limit. The throttle was still engaged – giving the engine power – until six seconds before the train, in the rear of the train, came to a stop around 7:20am, killing four people and injuring more than 70. The train’s sudden power shift came late in the game. The National Transportation Safety Board cautioned that it remained unclear if the speed was the result of human error or faulty equipment. The high speed shed new light on the deadliest New York City derailment in more than two decades and heightened focus on the veteran engineer. The board is now investigating the performance factors of the engineer, William Rockefeller. We’re here to help. Source: www.nytimes.com