$1,000,000 Settlement : City of Schenectady Insurance Company Pays $1,000,000 For Icy Sidewalks

Municipalities have an obligation to keep their roads and sidewalks free of hazardous conditions. That includes icy sidewalks. Our client was an accountant who worked in Schenectady. Unfortunately, the City of Schenectady left thick ice on the sidewalk for days, never applying salt or sand. As our client was stepping up from the crosswalk onto the sidewalk, she had no choice but to step on the ice. When she did, she slipped and fell backwards striking her head. The hospital diagnosed her with a concussion. While 85% of people who suffer a concussion make a full and complete recovery, our client was in the miserable minority of the 15% who never recover. The headaches progressed, blurred vision set in, sensitivity to noise developed and vision problems, especially when working on a computer. An expert ophthalmologist determined she was suffering from convergent syndrome and is required to wear special glasses for the rest of her life. Unable to work, she turned to us to recover all she lost from her fall down injury. Ultimately, prior to the trial the City’s insurance company paid their full policy limits of $1,000,000.

The case was handled by Partner Elizabeth Wolf, Partner Brian Acard and Trial Attorney Robin D’Amore.