Personal Safety App Allows Users to Alert Others When in Danger

Smartphone users can now alert their family and friends when they are in danger by using a panic button. PanicMe sends alerts of differing levels of importance to a chosen network of contacts if the user feels threatened. The sender’s location is then pinpointed on the responders phone and they can see where they are exactly. The app offers a traffic light of options, a red alert tells contacts that the sender is in great danger of being attacked or hurt, amber suggests you will need help soon, and green means you are in a low risk situation, such as being lost or breaking down. The alerts can be sent to up to 30 different contacts and can also be accessed by authorities. Pop-messages alert the receiver on their smartphones at regular intervals, with the space between the alerts depending on the panic option. The alerts stop once they are deactivated by the sender. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured due to someone else’s negligence, contact Finkelstein & Partners today. Source: Mail Online