New York’s Nursing Homes Earn Failing Grade

When it comes to the quality of care to its residents, nursing homes earn a failing grade in the State of New York, according to Families for Better Care, a Florida-based nursing home resident advocacy group. The group published a first-ever state-by-state report card for nursing homes nationwide. Families for Better Care analyzed eight federal measures to gauge nursing home quality. Due to the fact that the quality of care was so low in New York, it was the only state on the eastern seaboard with a failing grade. The failure occurred after analyzing how these nursing homes followed these measures. The state failed half of the measures and received only one above average grade. The poorest grades were given to areas related to direct care staff hours, professional nurse services and ombudsmen complaints. It was found that professionalism in the nursing homes throughout the state was scarce as residents received as little as 40 minutes of professional care per day, due to a lack of staff. According to the report card, over 92% of the facilities were cited one or more deficiencies while ombudsmen verified 9 in 10 registered complaints. If you believe your loved one is being neglected or abused in their nursing home, contact us immediately for help. Check out the report card to see which states are reported to be the best and worse nursing home states.