New Technology May Reduce Occurrence of Bedsores

According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, each year more than 2.5 million Americans develop pressure ulcers, also known as bedsores. An estimated 60,000 patients die as a result of bed sores ulcers each year.

Bed sores occur when a patient has prolonged pressure on one part of the body. These wounds are most commonly associated with long stay care facilities, like nursing homes. Bed sores are preventable injuries and are almost always a sign of neglect.

Bed sores can wreak havoc on patients’ health; sadly many patients have died prematurely as a result of bed sore complications.

Medical professionals are now working to develop technology that will reduce the likelihood of bedsores. A Connecticut doctor has developed a mat that essentially levitates patients at certain pressure points. Another medical team has developed technology meant to scan a patient’s body and alert medical personnel if bedsores are present. 

There’s a key fact that consumers and medical professionals should keep in mind as experts work to develop these medical devices and other technology: bedsores are preventable injuries, patients desperately rely on the attentiveness of their medical team. When a patient suffers because their nursing home, long term care facility, or medical center fails to provide adequate care, it is crucial to hold the facility accountable. Click here to learn more about the Finkelstein Elder Care Abuse and Neglect attorney group.