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What to Do After an Albany Car Accident That’s Not Your Fault

Getting into a car accident in Albany, or anywhere in the Capital Region, will cause anyone significant emotional, if not physical, distress. The aftermath of an accident, especially one in which you got hurt and wasn’t your fault, can feel overwhelming. It’s often difficult to know what steps to take to protect yourself and your -->

The Types of Auto Accident Injuries We See in Albany

The Types of Auto Accident Injuries We See in Albany

Albany is not the biggest city in New York State, but it often has big city traffic woes. Each day, business visitors, tourists, and politicians join the state capital’s traffic flow. They add to the commuter transportation stream and contribute to weekend traffic jams. Even though you follow the rules of the road, there is -->

How is a Semi-Truck Accident Different from an Auto Accident?

It is obvious that semi-trucks, tractor-trailers, 18-wheelers and other extra-large commercial vehicles are much larger and weigh much more than standard automobiles. It then comes as no surprise that the injuries and damage from an accident involving a truck of this size can be far more catastrophic than the injuries from a smaller vehicle. There -->

Technology Can Help Your Car Accident Case

The use of vehicle technology has rapidly expanded in recent years. There are technologies which were unavailable a few years ago that can now help determine who is liable for a motor vehicle involved accident. Modern technology can assist injured individuals in proving that another driver was at fault in the event of an accident. -->

Tractor Trailer Crash on 1-84 Reminds Motorists to Take Caution

On Monday, April 10th a tractor trailer driver on I-84 was involved in a multi vehicle wreck just outside of Maybrook, New York. According to authorities, the driver of the tractor trailer reported that his brakes failed, causing the crash. At least six vehicles were involved in the crash, but remarkably none of those involved -->

In Response to Growing Number of Motor Vehicle Crash Fatalities Experts Press for Change

In 2016 approximately 4.6 million roadway users were seriously injured in car crashes, a 7% increase from the year prior. The National Safety Council recently released survey findings that offer insights into what driver behaviors are contributing to motor vehicle crashes. 64% of drivers admitted they are comfortable speeding, 47% of drivers admitted they are -->

103 Puppies Survive Rollover Crash Thanks to NY State Police

According to data from the U.S. Department of Transportation rollover crashes have a higher fatality rate than other type of crash, approximately 35% of annual fatal crashes are classified as rollover accidents.  On Tuesday, January 24th a Missouri woman driving a box truck crashed and overturned on Interstate 86 in Steuben County (roughly 50 miles -->

ABC News Features Vivid Video of Upstate Bus, Truck Collision

Several passengers aboard a Syracuse public bus were transported to area hospitals after a pick-up truck crashed into the center of the bus.  According to officials the crash occurred at approximately 2pm on January 19th. The driver of the pickup truck was getting off of an exit and for some reason failed to notice the -->

Driving on less than 5 hours of sleep? You might be just as dangerous as a drunk driver.

Many are aware that getting at least seven hours of sleep is recommended by experts, but what many don’t know is that missing just two to three hours of the recommended seven could increase your risk of a crash by nearly 400 percent. “According to the AAA, symptoms of drowsy driving include having trouble keeping -->

Fatal 1-88 Crash in Schenectady

On Sunday, January 22 a tragic 1-88 crash resulted in three fatalities. According to officials a sedan crossed a median on 1-88 near exit 25A. The sedan struck a small SUV carrying a Schenectady family. Two of the five family members (the mother and father) died upon impact. Their three children were injured and transported -->

Tips for Avoiding Car Accidents on Icy Roads

Any type of car accident can be extremely dangerous. However, driving on icy roads is one of the most common causes of car accidents with catastrophic results. While the statistics of such accidents are unfortunate, accidents caused by icy roads can be prevented. If you or someone you know has been injured in an accident -->

Drunk & Distracted Driver Crashes into Utility Pole

Motor vehicle safety is a major issue throughout New York, and especially in Warren County, according to officials roughly 75 people are treated in Warren County emergency departments for crash related injuries every two months. Predictably driver distraction is one of the most frequent causes of Warren County Crashes. On Sunday, December 4th a Queensbury -->

Distracted Driving, the Startling Truth

You’ve likely seen or heard distracted driving related messages on TV, radio, the internet, roadway signs. While you may be familiar with the message, you probably don’t know the full extent of the devastation distracted driving has caused, and continues to cause day in and day out. “After steady declines over the last four decades, -->

Shorter Days Equal Heightened Risks on the Road

Did you know driving at night is more dangerous than driving during the day? Aside from the obvious (limited visibility), fatigue, impairment, and traffic are also known to contribute to an increased number of car crashes during PM hours.  The national safety council offers several suggestions for reducing the likelihood of a night time car -->

Hats off to Mahopac Teen’s Heroic Efforts

On Thursday, November 9th a 19 year old Mahopac teen was standing in his driveway when he observed a vehicle speeding down his street. The driver of the vehicle later recalled driving some 20mph over the speed limit, approximately 50mph in a 30mph zone. Moments later the vehicle swerved, hit a utility pole, flipped, and -->

What We Should Have Learned During National Teen Driver Safety Week

Saturday, October 22nd marked the conclusion of National Teen Driver Safety Week (October 16-October 22, 2016). The purpose of the national initiative was to bring awareness to the risks teen drivers face and to hopefully reduce the number of young people hurt and killed in crashes.  Car crashes are the leading cause of death for -->

Employers, Talk to Your Staff About Distracted Driving

Distracted driving can easily result in serious injuries, fatalities, and costly damage. Employers should outline expectations regarding distracted driving, ideally through a mandatory cell phone policy. The National Safety Council website offers a kit with materials to help inform employees about distracted driving and also includes materials that help employers outline policies. When developing your -->

Drunk Driver Avoids Serious Injury on Northway Crash

On Thursday, September 8th a 31-year-old Hudson Falls woman was involved in a rollover crash on the Northway.  Rollover crashes are especially dangerous types of automobile crashes. In 2014 nearly seven thousand people in the U.S. died in roller over crashes. On Thursday’s Northway crash the driver was extremely fortunate and sustained only minor injuries. -->

No Doubt Liability in Car Accidents

Proving liability in car accident claims can be challenging. However, depending on the specific parameters of the accident, proving liability may not be necessary at all. This is due to a factor called no doubt liability, in which it is almost guaranteed that the other party is held liable without any argument from the insurance -->

How Witnesses Play a Role in Car Accident Cases

Witness evidence can be one of the strongest types of evidence in any car accident situation. More often than not, the only witnesses involved in such occurrences are the drivers of the two vehicles, making it one driver’s word against the other. Should this be the case, it is often difficult for either side’s testimony -->