Family of Four Suffers Pesticide Poisoning During Vacation in Virgin Islands

On March 20th paramedics were called to Sirenusa resort in St. John, a luxury vacation rental property after a family of four (mother, father, and two sons) had fallen intensely ill. Investigators believe the families symptoms were a result of pesticide poisoning- caused by acutely toxic pesticide methyl bromide.

According to the EPA, methyl bromide can result in “central nervous system and respiratory system failure, as well as specific and severe deleterious actions on the lungs, eyes ad skin.” The US placed a ban on this pesticide more than 30 years ago.While the father has re-gained consciousness, the two teenage sons are still comatose. Terminix, the company that treated the resort with the poisonous pesticide, has halted all fumigation in the Virgin Islands.  The U.S. department of justice has initiated a criminal investigation into the matter.

Symptoms of pesticide poisoning include vomiting, seizures, and shortness of breathe. For a full list of pesticide poisoning symptoms, visit:

To prevent pesticide poisoning in your own home carefully read the product label. Keywords on the label will indicate the level of potential danger. “Caution” is the mildest, “warning” is more hazardous, and “danger” indicates the most harmful possible effects.

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Source: EPA