Driving on less than 5 hours of sleep? You might be just as dangerous as a drunk driver.

Many are aware that getting at least seven hours of sleep is recommended by experts, but what many don’t know is that missing just two to three hours of the recommended seven could increase your risk of a crash by nearly 400 percent.

“According to the AAA, symptoms of drowsy driving include having trouble keeping eyes open, shifting lanes, and not remembering parts of the trip. The AAA recommends drivers make sure they get enough sleep before hitting the road, and to schedule breaks when traveling long distances. The AAA says that drivers who are sleepy account for nearly one in five fatal crashes every year.”- New York CBS

Drowsy drivers are a danger to themselves and to others. When a drowsy driver makes the decision to get behind the wheel, and he or she injures an innocent person, they must be held accountable. For more information about drowsy driving click here.

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