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Trucks are commonplace in and around Buffalo and throughout the state of New York, but they’re often involved in serious accidents that result in severe injury or even death.

In a truck accident, injury victims may be able to seek compensation if negligent parties contributed to the accident. Work with experienced attorneys at Jacoby & Meyers LLP who have handled truck accidents in Buffalo and other nearby cities.

The qualified attorneys at Finkelstein & Partners have worked with countless clients to help navigate the legal process following truck accidents of all types. If you need the assistance of a compassionate Buffalo truck accident lawyer, the team at Finkelstein & Partners is here to help you understand the options available to you.

Why Buffalo Is Vulnerable to Truck Accidents

finkelstein-and-partners_60th-anniversary_helping-the-injuredThousands of motor vehicle accidents occur in New York every year, many of which involve large trucks. According to the Institute for Traffic Safety Management & Research (ITSMR), around 1,000 truck accident fatalities occur each year, with large trucks accounting for about 100.

While truck accidents can occur anywhere in Buffalo and the rest of Erie County, some intersections and roadways are more dangerous than others.

According to New York state government data, these are some of the most dangerous accident hot spots in Buffalo:

  • Bailey Avenue and Clinton Street
  • Bailey Avenue and East Delavan Street
  • Bailey Avenue and Genesee Street
  • Bailey Avenue and Seneca Street
  • Bailey Avenue and Walden Avenue
  • Broadway Street and Bailey Avenue
  • Humboldt Parkway and East Ferry Street
  • Church Street and Highway 5
  • Sheridan Drive and Delaware Avenue
  • Sheridan Drive and North Forest Road

Bailey Avenue is particularly notorious for accidents because of the absence of appropriate street marketing, various turns into multi-use lanes, and a lack of coordinated traffic signals. Many people traveling through Buffalo in commercial trucks may also be unfamiliar with these roadways and not anticipate the dangers on Bailey Avenue and other streets and highways.

Potential Causes of Truck Accidents in Buffalo

Many factors can contribute to truck accidents in Buffalo, some of which could involve truck drivers’ negligence. These potential causes include:


Truck drivers may travel past the speed limit, or they may neglect to slow down in wet or icy road conditions, increasing the risk of accidents. Trucks require more time to stop because of their increased mass and weight than other vehicles, making it important for drivers to avoid speeding in these vehicles as much as possible.

Other factors that can lead to accidents involving speeding trucks include blind spots, unsecured cargo, a short stopping distance, and a higher center of gravity.

Driver Fatigue

Commercial truck drivers often make long journeys across the country, so they need to remain compliant with various regulations around service hours. Despite this, drivers often violate these regulations and drive for longer periods than they should.

Because of this, drivers often experience fatigue due to long work hours, a lack of sleep, strenuous work activity, and sleep apnea, among other complications. All of these could cause drivers to become fatigued, which decreases their alertness on the road and could lead to accidents.

Distracted Driving

Truck drivers often travel alone over long distances. They also encounter long stretches of monotonous routes on their journeys that can lead drivers to seek certain distractions to entertain them. For example, they may engage in cell phone use, eat or drink on the road, or fidget with the different controls in front of them, all of which can take their attention away from the road and increase the chances of a collision.


Like all other drivers, truck drivers must not drink and drive or operate a vehicle while under the influence of any intoxicating substance. Although this behavior is particularly dangerous for truck drivers, many truckers still drive while intoxicated and put themselves and others at risk.

In some cases, impaired driving involves drivers who intentionally drive while under the influence, while others may take medication for certain conditions and drive before unexpectedly becoming impaired. It’s also important to keep in mind that while the national legal limit for drunk driving is a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08 percent, that limit is lower for truckers in the U.S., who cannot operate a truck with a BAC of 0.04 percent or higher.

Even if a truck driver is impaired to a small degree, this could severely impact their ability to practice safe driving habits.

Poor Weather

In Buffalo, truck drivers encounter inclement weather, including rain, snow, and ice. These conditions could greatly increase the time it takes for trucks to come to a full stop as needed while decreasing traction on roadways.

In addition, conditions like heavy rain and snow can significantly reduce visibility and make it difficult for drivers to see ahead. This is why truck drivers need to practice extra caution when driving in these conditions to maintain a safe environment for themselves and surrounding vehicles and pedestrians.

Traffic Flow Disruptions

Trucks require more space to stop than other vehicles, making it difficult for them to adjust to disruptions in traffic flow quickly. Trucks also require more time to accelerate after coming to a stop. Another potential complication resulting from disrupted traffic flow is the difficulty identifying and navigating around construction and road workers, work vehicles, and flaggers.

Insufficient Training

Truck drivers need ample training to qualify for a commercial driver’s license (CDL). Even if truck drivers pass the CDL test, they still need more real-world experience to navigate the roads successfully. If drivers don’t receive the training they need, they will be less prepared to handle the many potential situations they may encounter in Buffalo and throughout the U.S.

Defective Parts

Trucking equipment needs to undergo inspection before beginning or returning from journeys through Buffalo and other locations. If manufacturers supply parts that feature certain defects, they may go undetected if trucking companies don’t inspect vehicles in time. In these cases, manufacturers and trucking companies could be responsible for defective parts. In addition, trucking companies and drivers could be liable for damages if accidents result from insufficient maintenance.

Why You Should Work with Experienced Buffalo Truck Accident Attorneys

Syracuse Slip and Fall Accident LawyerAt Finkelstein & Partners, we have obtained aggressive settlements and awards in truck accident cases.

One of our recent cases involved a tailgating truck driver who contributed to a serious accident on Interstate 84. This particular case began on July 11, 2016, when a Portland Stoneware Company driver allegedly tailgated and caused a four-car pileup in a construction zone. The truck, traveling over 50 miles per hour, first hit another vehicle and then an SUV, which forced the SUV into another tractor-trailer. Following a three-week trial in Dutchess Supreme Court, the jury awarded the plaintiff $6,872,000 to cover medical expenses and pain and suffering resulting from the accident.

Another case involved a Con Ed truck that allegedly turned left in front of a client’s car in the Bronx, causing an accident and subsequent spine and shoulder injuries. While Con Ed argued that their surveillance of the client showed that the client was exaggerating their injuries, our legal team helped prove that this wasn’t the case. As a result, the case went to trial, and the jury awarded the client $2 million.

Distracted driving contributed to another accident involving a telephone company truck driver who allegedly failed to see our client on the road when checking their cell phone. Because of this distraction, the driver of the 16,000-pound truck collided with the rear of our client’s car, seriously injuring our client’s neck. This neck injury required a fusion to help our client recover. Through mediation, our attorneys settled for $1,950,000.

These and other case results show how we’ve helped clients recover compensation for truck accidents involving different types and degrees of negligence. While past results, unfortunately, cannot guarantee success in every claim, if we believe you have a valid case, we can help you determine your options and what compensation you qualify to recover.

Buffalo Truck Accident FAQs

Do you have additional questions about truck accidents in Buffalo and truck accident claims or lawsuits? The following are some common questions that people often have about this topic.

Truck accidents can cause many types of injuries and other related damages. Fractures, broken bones, back and neck injuries, and many more serious injuries often result from truck accidents. These can lead to steep medical bills and lasting pain and suffering that may permanently impact victims’ lives.

If a truck driver or another party’s negligence is responsible for these damages, it’s possible to recover compensation through a truck accident claim or, in extreme cases, a lawsuit. There are a couple of different types of compensation that victims may be able to recover: economic and non-economic.

Economic damages, also known as special damages, are quantifiable damages with a specific amount of money associated with them.

These damages include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of wages due to the inability to work
  • Loss of potential earnings due to disability
  • Ongoing treatment
  • Property damage

Non-economic or general damages are not as easy to calculate and are more subjective.

Some examples of non-economic damages include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Psychological distress
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of enjoyment in life

In rare instances, some cases may also result in punitive damages if the defendant’s behavior was unusually egregious. Unlike economic and non-economic damages, these are intended to punish the defendant rather than compensate injury victims. These damages are often worth large amounts of money to deter others from engaging in the same behavior.

In truck accident cases, multiple parties may share fault, making these cases more complex than other types of vehicle accidents. To prove fault in these cases, you’ll need to determine whether the truck driver involved is an independent contractor or an employee with a specific company. Suppose the driver is an employee of a company. In that case, you may have the chance to file a claim against the company for certain contributing factors, including inadequate training, defective parts, insufficient maintenance, or others.

Trucking companies might be liable for an accident and subsequent injuries if they fail to maintain different parts of trucks, including tires and brakes. In other cases, drivers may be solely responsible due to unsafe driving practices and other forms of negligence. Regardless of which party is at fault, our experienced legal team can help determine who was at fault and work to identify the specific cause of each accident.

Similar to other truck accident lawyers in Buffalo and throughout the state of New York, our team of Buffalo truck accident lawyers charges a contingency fee. You don’t have to pay unless we reach a favorable settlement and recover compensation. After recovering compensation, we will use a portion of your settlement to help pay for legal fees. If we don’t settle, our clients don’t need to pay for representation.

Turn to the Experienced Buffalo Truck Accident Lawyers at Finkelstein & Partners

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Buffalo Truck Accident Attorney, Andrew Finkelstein

Truck accidents are often complex and involve many aspects, making them difficult to navigate alone. With the help of trusted truck accident lawyers in Buffalo, you’ll have a better chance of recovering full compensation for your injuries and other damages following an accident.

Our attorneys can help determine who is liable for an accident and work to build a successful case to reach the most favorable outcome.

If you would like to find out whether you have a viable truck accident case, consult with the attorneys at Finkelstein & Partners today. If you would like a free case evaluation with us, call our offices at 1-877-848-6297 or contact us at Finkelstein & Partners online today.


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