Happy 40th Anniversary

Congratulations, Melody, and thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to our clients and to our community!

“The firm was founded 56 years ago, and it’s taken a lot of people, effort, energy and commitment to build what we’ve been able to build together, central to that has been Melody, on lots of different levels,” said Managing Partner, Andrew Finkelstein.

Personal injury liability

Proving legal responsibility in personal injury accidents can be very complicated. Often termed as liability, this legal responsibility usually rests on whether or not negligence, or carelessness was present. If you or someone you know has been injured in a personal injury accident, contact the personal injury attorneys at Finkelstein & Partners, LLP today.

March is the Brain Injury Association’s (BIAA) annual awareness month. Over the course of the month the BIAA encourages the general public to learn more about how brain injuries are caused and the everyday struggles that those who have suffered a brain injury endure. The current BIAA theme is “Not Alone.”

How common are brain injuries?

Children playing with toys

The last thing we want as parents is to provide our kids with toys or games that could hurt their health but unfortunately some trusted brands have stocked store shelves with items that look innocent but are actually quite dangerous. 

Every year the Public Interest Research Group Education Fund produces “Trouble in Toyland,” a report that warns consumers of good that should potentially be avoided. 

Felony assault after car crash

Fishkill, NY-  On Saturday, November 21st a Fishkill man caused a serious car crash in the town of Fishkill. It is reported the driver then fled the scene of the accident. 

Two days later on Sunday November 22nd the driver was charged with recklessly causing serious injury with a weapon (a Class D felony assault charge) and leaving the scene of a serious injury crash.