You’ll Have Questions and We’ll Be There to Answer Them

We hope you don’t know how difficult it is to coordinate medical care after an accident. Hopefully you’ll never learn how complicated dealing with an insurance company can be during the pursuit of a claim. But, if you do find yourself in an accident, you should consider contacting a trusted personal injury attorney to walk you through the process and allow you to focus on what’s most important, your health. Last week a client shared the following about her experience with the firm:

“After my accident in Sullivan County I contacted Finkelstein & Partners because I had dealt with them before, my family had also. Right away I got a response, within a day or two someone came to my house. When I called my medical questions were always answered and they were helpful when dealing with the insurance company. I would definitely recommend the firm to someone else in a car accident, I was happy with the service. I like Lois, my case manager, very much. My attorney Ronald Rosenkranz was also helpful when I was nervous during my deposition.”

-Gerrald W.