At High Speed, on the Road to a Driverless Future

The Google car and other autonomous vehicles are making a statement about the rapid progress in the development of self-driving cars. With the built in cameras, radar and laser range finders of the Google car and  other autonomous vehicles, the Audi A7 is distinctive because of the simplicity and the relatively low cost of its system. Mobileye Vision Technologies, the Israeli company that created the system in the Audi, does not offer the autonomy achieved the Google’s engineers. The Google car will merge onto freeways, drive safely through intersections, make left and right turns, and pass slower vehicles. In contrast, the Mobileye car is capable only of driving in a single lane at freeway speeds, as well as identifying traffic lights and automatically slowing down, stopping and then returning to highway speeds. It is believed that by blending the advanced technology with the low-cost video cameras, autonomous driving can be commercialized. This summer, the first limited systems offering a feature known as “traffic jam assist” will be arriving from more than five major automobile makers. It will, however, require the driver to keep their hands on the steering wheel. As early as 2016, more advanced systems will be introduced. Contact us 24/7 for a free case appraisal. Read the full article at