A New Approach to Hip Surgery

An article in The New York Times highlights a new approach to hip surgery known as anterior hip replacement and the benefits it yields to its patients. This method is different than the posterior approach to hip replacements in the sense that the incision is at the front of the hip instead of through the buttocks or the side of the hip. The procedure is said to lead to a quicker recovery in patients for the reason that this type of operation spares muscles, patients do not need to limit their movements during the recovery period. However, reports of the benefits are mostly based on the surgeons’ medical experience with this type of operation and downsides to the anterior hip replacement approach do exist. This operation often takes longer to perform and can result in more blood loss than the standard hip replacement method. Due to the fact that the operation is difficult to perform, the learning curve is fairly steep for physicians. The approach to hip replacement surgery has also not been taught as widely as other methods in medical schools. Many medical centers do not have the special equipment to perform the anterior hip replacement surgery, such as specially designed operating tables. A surgeon’s skills and experience are the most important factors when considering the anterior hip replacement method, according to the article. Most doctors become comfortable with a single surgical approach that they perfect over time. Therefore, insisting on an anterior approach from a surgeon trained in the posterior approach could result in serious injury. If you or a member of your family has been injured as a result of medical malpractice involving the anterior hip replacement method, please contact us for a free appraisal.