Young Drivers & Alcohol: A Deadly Mix

The recommendation by the National Transportation Safety Board to lower the legal blood-alcohol limit from .08% to .05% could potentially save the lives of young drivers. Drivers under the age of 26 are at the highest risk of being in a fatal motor vehicle accident, regardless of their blood-alcohol concentration. 21% of young drivers involved in a  fatal accident have some alcohol in their system – higher than in other age groups. Research has shown that even a small amount of alcohol in the system can impair judgment and disrupt a person’s ability to concentrate. One or two drinks can decrease reaction time, especially for less experienced drivers. Young drivers are at a higher risk of having a fatal accident in the 0.08 and 0.05 range than more experienced, older drivers are. It is believed that by lowering the legal limit, people will be more conscious about having the second, third or fourth drink. More than 6,600 impaired drivers are involved in fatal accidents every year, causing about 10,000 deaths. Half of those accidents are caused by drivers with a blood-alcohol level at or below 0.16%. If you or a loved one have been seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident involving a drunk driver, contact us immediately. Read the full article: NYTimes: Young Drivers & Alcohol, A Deadly Mix