Whitworth University Data Breach

In April 2023, Whitworth University in Spokane, Washington, acknowledged in a regulatory filing that its computer network had sustained a ransomware attack on July 29, 2022, and that the personal data of more than 65,000 current and former Whitworth students, faculty, and staff may have been compromised.

The information potentially available to the network intruder may have included those individuals’ first and last names, Social Security numbers, student or state identification numbers, dates of birth, passport numbers, and health information.

Data Breach Victims Face Risks But Have Legal Rights

Whitworth University Data Breach

Whitworth’s disclosures about the attack emphasized that the University was not aware of any misuse of the information or identity theft incidents related to the breach. But that does not eliminate the potentially significant risks facing the tens of thousands victims whose data could have been exposed.

Hackers target universities because they can be troves of data for identity thieves to use in perpetrating fraud on credit card companies, financial institutions, and government programs.

When young people have their identities stolen and exploited, which is a potential outcome of the Whitworth University data breach, it can severely hamper their future by impairing their credit and limiting their ability to apply for housing, jobs, and loans. It can take years to repair the damage done by the improper disclosure of personal information, particularly when criminals continue to use it for new schemes.

If Whitworth University notified you that the July 2022 ransomware attack on its network may have exposed your sensitive personal information to identity thieves, or if you have reason to believe the breach may have compromised your data, do not resign yourself to the potential damage that has been done. You may have significant legal rights to seek compensation for the  current and future harm the breach may have inflicted.

The skilled data breach lawyers at Finkelstein & Partners can help you explore your legal recourse against those who failed to protect your private data.

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The Whitworth University data breach has garnered significant media attention and regulatory scrutiny since it occurred in July 2022, and at least one class action lawsuit has already been filed. As a potential victim of the breach, you must not delay in seeking legal counsel about your rights and options.

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