Where do you stand on the ‘Textalyzer’ debate?

Distracted driving is a major issue in New York and across the country. Most drivers know it’s dangerous, that they will face steep fines if caught, and that people have died because of distracted drivers… but they continue to drive distracted.

Recently legislation has been proposed to reduce the number of distracted drivers on the road. A newly developed technology, known as a “textalyzer,” would give law enforcement the ability to determine if a cell phone was in use prior to or during a crash.

In addition to texting, the technology would allow law enforcement to easily conclude whether or not the driver was streaming data, sending emails, etc. The technology would not, however, allow officers to view the content of the driver’s phones.

Do you drive distracted?  If this law were passed would it deter you from using your mobile device while driving? This issue is already generating buzz- we’d love to hear your thoughts! Are you for or against the ‘textalyzer’ technology?