When Hiking This Fall Keep and Eye Out For These 5 Poisonous Berries

Did you know that several berries that look innocent (and tasty) could actually be deadly?

  1. Mistletoe: A pink or white berry that grows in clusters. May cause convulsions, blurred vision, stomach cramps, and diarrhea
  2. Holy Berries: If your dog eats an excessive amount of the berries (more than 15) it could be fatal (holy berries contain the same chemical found in chocolate that is deadly for dogs).
  3. Jerusalem Cherry: Beware these vibrant red berries that resemble cherry tomato’s contains solanocapsine, which can cause vomiting and gastric problems for children and can be toxic for animals. 
  4. Yew Berries: Beware of these small, hollow red berries. They are HIGHLY poisonous and are known for causing sudden death. 
  5. Ivy Berries: A deep red, purple colored berry are found on ivy plants. Ingestion can cause facial and oral swelling. 


Hiking can be loads of fun, especially in the fall months, but be sure to take necessary safety precautions to reduce the risk of serious injury. Click here to read more about hiking in the Hudson Valley. It’s a good practice to research the trails you’ll be visiting and make sure to warn your children not to eat anything, even if it looks familiar.