Weatherproof Your Home Against Winter Weather

Winter is right around the corner and it’s time to start weatherproofing your home!

Here are some simple safety tips and tips from the CDC:

  • Install smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors in your home! – Make sure the batteries are working!
  • Have your chimney cleaned annually.
  • Insulate walls and the attic.
  • Caulk and weather-strip doors and windows.
  • Never leave lit candles or other flames unattended.
  • Bring your pets indoors please!
  • Dress warmly and limit exposure to cold to prevent frostbite.
  • Avoid getting wet to avoid hypothermia.
  • Make a winter emergency kit to keep in your car and another one to keep in your house.
  • Check the antifreeze level in your car and have the radiator system serviced.
  • Replace worn tires with snow tires if you live in snowy areas.
  • Keep gas tanks full or don’t let it drop below ¼ tank to prevent ice and in tank and fuel lines.
  • If power lines fall on your car, warn people not to touch the car or power lines. – Call your local utility and emergency services