We Talk Anti Distracted Driving to Suny Orange Criminal Justice Club

On Thursday, November 3rd we had the opportunity to visit Suny Orange, in Newburgh New York, to give a free presentation about the dangers of distracted driving. Managing Partner Andrew Finkelstein offered students a new perspective on distracted driving, and also spoke to students about his experiences learning, living, and working in Newburgh. 

The firm’s distracted driving presentations are an opportunity for the firm to create safer streets for everyone. When a distracted driver is behind they wheel, he or she is putting everyone on the road at risk. The more advocates we have for ‘Commit to Quit,’ the better. We can make safe driving the norm, but it takes persistence and dedication. Our program has appealed to those throughout the State of New York because of our willingness to tailor each presentation/message to suit the needs of the given audience.  To learn more click here.