Waxman Sends Shinseki Clear and Unambiguous Message

By Robert L. Rosebrock LOS ANGELES – On the heels of U.S. District Judge S. James Otero’s explicit Summary Judgment entered against the Los Angeles VA for illegal real estate dealings, another major blow was delivered in a letter to VA Secretary Eric K. Shinseki from U.S. Congressman Henry Waxman, whose 33rd District includes this largest VA in the nation. In his letter to the Secretary, the 19-term (38 years) Congressman was direct and precise in his urging the VA to withdraw any appeal of the Judgment: “Judge Otero’s decision was a stern rebuke of the VA’s interpretation of the “clear and unambiguous” language of the law. I believe the most constructive path the VA could take now would be to decline to spend resources on an appeal of the decision. I urge the VA instead to accept the decision as an opportunity to work to strengthen the programs that directly serve the needs of veterans on the West LA VA campus.” Veterans are very appreciative of this directive which essentially says “it’s over” for the VA and it’s free-wheeling illegal land deals with non-Veteran special interests that have forced 20,000 disabled and disadvantaged Veterans to live in back-alley squalor instead of on these sacred grounds that were permanently deeded in their behalf 125 years ago, as a National Veterans Home. Read Article Here