VSG Win: Veteran granted 100% Service Connection for PTSD Caused by Military Sexual Trauma

The veteran served in the U.S. Army from 1974-1975.  During that time, she was drugged and raped by a fellow serviceman.  Due to being drugged, she could not identify her attacker.  She was diagnosed with PTSD and was in treatment with the VA for the same.  In 2008, she made a claim for service connection which was repeatedly denied by the VA because, although she had been diagnosed with PTSD caused in service, the VA would not concede her claimed stressor.  VSG proudly represented her on the appeal and successfully argued that pursuant to the code requirements, she did not have to prove her stressor in light of the fact that she was already diagnosed with PTSD and the medical examiner related it to the event in service.  Moreover, due to the severity of her PTSD, the VA has granted her a 100% rating.