Veterans’ Services Group (VSG) Success Stories for 2014

Our Veterans’ Services Group (VSG) has been hard at work for our veterans and their families.  Here are some of our most notable wins:

Veteran’s Widow Awarded $131,409.00.  VSG was retained by the Vietnam Combat Veteran in 2013.  He had been seeking service connection for PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) which had been denied by the VA twice.  VSG handled the appeal of the matter. Sadly, the veteran passed away during the pendency of the appeal.  The VA granted service connection for PTSD at 70% and TDIU (total disability individual unemployability) retroactive to 2010.  The veteran’s widow received $131,409.00

Veteran’s Widow Awarded $91,274.00.  The veteran passed away while seeking service connection for lung cancer due to exposure to asbestos in service.  The widow sought our assistance in the matter.  On appeal, the VA granted accrued benefits at a 100% rating with housebound status retroactive in the amount of $91,274.00.  The widow will also receive $1233.00 per month for the rest of her life.

Veteran Awarded $107,146.00.  The veteran was denied service connection for Diabetes Type II, Coronary Artery Disease and other illnesses caused in service and sought VSG assistance with his appeal.  After a BVA hearing together with submissions made on appeal, the VA awarded the veteran service connection at 100% retroactive to 2004.  He received $107,146.00 and will receive further benefits going forward.

Veteran Awarded $130,632.00.  The veteran sought assistance with his claim for service connection for PTSD caused in service which had been denied.  After VSG appealed the matter, the VA granted service connection at 100% for PTSD.  The veteran was awarded $130,632.00 in retroactive benefits and will receive monthly benefits going forward.

Veteran Awarded $123,841.00.  The veteran sought service connection for PTSD based upon military sexual trauma.  The veteran had applied several times and had been denied. VSG submitted arguments on appeal and the VA granted the veteran service connection for PTSD at 70% with entitlement to the 100% rate based upon TDIU.  The benefits were retroactive to 2010 and the veteran will continue to receive benefits going forward.