Due to COVID-19 and the resulting declaration of a national emergency, in-person compensation and pension (C&P) examinations were suspended in April 2020. While the VA resumed some in-person examinations starting on May 28, 2020, it has continued to expand in-person examinations based upon local COVID-19 risk assessments.

According to the VA, starting on September 24, 2020, in-person disability compensation and medical examinations conducted by VBA contractors resume scheduling. These examinations are available in over 42,000 zip codes. Depending on the area, some examinations required personal protective equipment (PPE) to be worn at all times while in others, PPE may be removed during the examination. If you require a C&P examination VA will contact you to schedule an examination date.

For more information please download the VA Claim Exam Resumption fact sheet, available at: For answers to common questions regarding C&P examinations, please visit: